Sunday, March 19, 2006


We've had a draining several days, weeks even. Everyone pretty much knows we've had pretty bad plumbing problems with our house, from the start. Well we're still having problems, last week I scheduled an appointment with the sewer and plumbing company that replaced our main sewer drain when we had first gotten the house. It just keeps on clogging. They were supposed to come yesterday between 3 and 5, but didn't show up, i placed to calls which were met with "I'll call the team in the field and have then call you" which never happened. If you wanted to describe me yesterday the only word that comes to mind is pissed. We woke up this morning to a message on the answering machine that said that they were in the area and could stop by today to do the things that need to be done. We needed the main line rodded, and leaking pipe fixed and the check vavles oiled. well I called... back they came, they rodded the line but couldn't get it totally clear. They'll be back on Tuesday with some sort of hydro thinger to clear the line. in total this is going to cost a pretty penny... which we don't really roll in pretty pennies, we had plans for the money from our taxes. Now we must rebudget some things. I'm thinking some things that could really use to get done are going to have to wait. It's so hard deciding where to use money when we get any extra. There is so much that needs to be done and just not enough money to do it. Needless to say this has been very draining on us regardless of the fact that the pipe is not draining. I'm trying to find some humor in our situation and finding very little. We are also going to get an estimate for fixing the other broken pipes under the floor in the basement. they're thinking it'll only cost about $1600. I'm not so sure that the is a sum of money that the word just should apply to...just $50 ...yes just works with that, but just $1600, it just doesn't work for me. I guess we'll find it somewhere.
So...has anyone come across any money trees lately? care to share the location with us? No? well do us a favor and keep your eyes peeled for one. :)

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