Sunday, August 27, 2006

Family Tree ~ Birthday Surprise

A friend of ours from work did a wonderful thing for me for my birthday (Dave Meyers you rock!). I've been wanting to start looking up my family tree, and he's done a lot of looking up his, and has a program to put info in and everything. Well he came in on the 18th and said I've got a present for you in the test pit. I figured that he had found a few names for me, I was so excited. Then he walks up with a FAT blue folder full of stuff he's found! I had tears in my eyes, I hadn't expected him to find so much or to take so much time to put to this together. He didn't do it alone either, his wife Sam (who I went to school with) helped type alot of it into their program. I went this weekend and got Family Tree Maker so I could search even more. I started putting in Ian's side of the family too, I want to have as much put together as possible to pass on to Aidan. I've always felt like I didn't know where I came from and I don't ever want him to wonder. It really nice to know you've got roots and where they come from.
Family be warned: I'll be looking for more info so you'll be hearing from me! :)

Complications (let the whining commence)

I went for my double root canal and everything else and guess what? I'm not done, she wasn't able to finish the second one, I was there from 11 am until after 5. I have a very small mouth and she was having trouble getting to part of one of them and we were all very tired, my face was so tired from having to try to open wider. So I have a temporary filling in one, and have to go back on Tuesday so she can finish that and do the build ups for both crowns and pull the rest of that broken tooth. and then I go back for the crowns them selves and to finish the deep gum cleaning. She also mentioned that she's going to have to do some kind of surgery, will have to talk to her about that as I don't remember what she said it was. And to top all of this off I think I have a sinus infection. My nose has been running like a faucet for days, and my head has felt stuffy, and my sinuses have been draining into my ears (which I hate). I hadn't thought I was sick (I thought it was allergies) because everything was clear and lets face it I've been on some sort of antibiotic for 2 and half weeks now. But this morning stuff wasn't clear any more, it was almost glow in the dark green! so not cool. I just feel miserable. The corner of my mouth hurts (and is raw) from stretching it open so far and I've been blowing my nose so much that I'm sure it will start peeling soon. sigh.
We had our company family outing yesterday at Brookfield Zoo. We only went for about 2 and half hours, couldn't get up and moving any earlier then that ( really do feel like crap, and didn't think we'd get the chance to go again this year) . But we had a nice time, the weather wasn't to hot and Aidan walked the whole time except for on the way back to the car, he was just a tired little man, zonked out before we were in the car for 5 minutes it seemed.

That's about it, will update again soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Ok so we know I'm a scare-dy cat when it comes to the dentist. So I went today and she checked it out and I'm going back on Friday to get everything done. 2 root canals, , build up for 2 crowns, an extraction, gum cleaning? , and my teeth cleaned as well. oh boy...I'm REALLY nervous now. Apparently I've still got some swelling, so I start another round of a more powerful antibiotic tomorrow. Once my teeth are all fixed up Ian's appt will be made for his wisdom teeth that need to come out. I just want this all over with. my biggest fear is the root canals, hopefully this won't be TOO bad. I've got my fingers crossed.
Nothing much else is new here, but sometimes no news is good news right?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well tomorrow

is my Dentist appt, here's to hoping she doesn't hurt me! I'm so nervous about dentists/doctors. maybe it's the white coats? I'm not sure. I wish I wasn't such an anxious person. I drive myself batty, it's wonder I don't drive Ian batty too. Oh well off to rest so I can get up in the morning for my appointment. ::Fingers crossed::

Friday, August 18, 2006

Another year older! and an update

That's right, I'm another year older, and hopefully a little wiser. I don't feel any older, but I am lighter! I've lost 35 pounds since May, not to shabby.
update: I'm feeling much better and have an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday to start getting stuff fixed. So glad my face is back to normal. I really and truly was freaking out when my face was SUPER swollen. The pain is mostly gone, and I'm finishing up my antibiotics.
This little picture is just something I was playing around making online, (if you want to try making one go here- ) I wanted to make something that looked like me, but they only had one body style and here it is. But the hair suits me as mine is always flying all over the place.
Ian and Aidan are both doing great. Ian just started his next class last week, and is still maintaining an A average for all his classes. How smart is my guy! I'm just so proud of him. The little guy is a character, if we could just tone down the attitude in the morning we'd be in business, he's a bit like his momma, not a morning person, although I don't take it out on everyone else like he does. It has to be his way or no way in the morning; or so he thinks. He's learning the hard way that he doesn't always get his way. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being 3! We're trying to decide if we should be looking into a preschool for him right now..I mean he'll be 4 in December should he be in preschool now? or is next year soon enough? We really hadn't wanted to put him in preschool in our area, we're hoping to be able to move first. But we don't want for him to be behind in school just because we weren't ready to let him go. His potty training is still touch and go, he's still just being lazy about it I think. He gets so busy playing that he forgets tell anyone that he has to go. I think he'll eventually just get tired of being wet and will start saying something.
That's all for now, hopefully I'll have some new pictures to post soon.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The left side

..of my face is twice it's normal size, and has been since sometime during Thursday night. I woke up and the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was my left cheek. You know how you can look down and see the tip of your nose, if you kinda cross your eyes? Well I don't have to really look down, and I don't have to cross my eyes, but there's my cheek. The horrible pain from Wedensday. is gone, now it's mostly just an uncomfortable pressure from my face being huge, and it throbs now and then, but at least I no longer have the urge to claw my own face off! I keep hoping that this swelling will go down so that when I call on Monday I can actually make an appointment. Because the way my face is now they couldn't possibly get in there to do anything. Poor Ian he's been so sweet but I know it startles him every time he sees my face like this. but he is the absolute best ! he's really been taking good care of me. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. And the little guy is a sweetie pie too, he keeps asking how my tooth is. I am so blessed!

On another note, Aidan apparently told my Mom yesterday that we're leaving in 7 weeks and they would never see us again. Do you know she believed him? I mean he's 3 years old for crying out loud! I have no idea where he got this info but it's totally not true, I mean we'd love to move, but even if we did it's not like they'd never see us again. I mean really the things this kid comes up with sometimes. And the things my mom believes! Jeez! Welcome to the days of our lives!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Home again

Home again because my face hurts, I've got major problems with my teeth, I'm a bit phobic about dentists, but I hurt so bad I could claw my face off! Waiting for the dentist to call in antibiotic and something for the pain, then I'm to call back on monday for an appointment. Can you say double root canal (holy cow that's scary to me!!!!) and an abcess (how ever it is spelled that is what's causing me the pain right now). I got no sleep last night at all it was hurting me so bad. I went to work just to realize that I could not handle being there while in this kind of pain. This sucks so bad.