Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Things have been a bit busy, today was the first day I've had off since Xmas and I go right back to work tomorrow, have to be out of the house by 8:30 am. won't get another day off until Saturday. I feel as though I've been getting nothing done. There are weeks when I work more days now then I did when I worked at Andrew. I'm going to have to do something about that. We've got to find another house, straighten up this one. There's been so much on my mind lately that I'm feeling overwhelmed. Again. Not as bad as when I was still at Andrew. But I am a little tired of feeling this way.
Had an okay afternoon with the little man, he took a nice little nap on my lap today, it was lovely! I got some quality time with my snuggle bug. Plenty of time to snuggle with him and stroke his hair while he slept snuggled up against me. I'm sure there won't be many more of those left, they are few and far between as it is.
I just want to wish you all a really happy new year. I hope this year is even better then the last. I really want to stay up and watch Dick Clark's rockin eve tonight so I can see Rascal Flatts perform but I have to go to bed so I can get up early. Some one out there watch it and enjoy it for me, let me know what they sing ok?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to all...

and to All A Good Night!
My mom and god-mother came over today for Christmas. They came first thing in the morning to see Aidan open his gifts. My mom stayed for about 2 hours and then my god-mother took her back home because she was tired. (thankfully they're only a couple of blocks away, and my god-mother came right back) Then when it was closer to dinner time she came back over. Everything went really well. We had chicken cutlet, mashed taters, sweet taters, green beans, corn, stuffing, and HOMEMADE crescent rolls (which I made with my own two hands- and it was unanimous that they are way better then the ones in the can! LOL) For dessert there was pumpkin pie (made by me, too!) So all of my holiday baking was a hit! (we're not going to think about the fudge, because that's not really baking now is it? LOL that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. Ours was great considering we weren't really where we wanted to be. Aidan was thrilled with his kitchen (pictures to come soon). For now I'm off to play with the little man before bed time.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Baking

I started out on Friday with all the baking and stuff. I attempted fudge, this did not go well! I thought it was going well, left it to cool down to 110 degrees before the final beating and let me tell you it got as hard as a rock before it even cooled down! HOLY COW! This was after 1 email and 4 or 5 calls to my darling mother in law, who by the way is infinitely patient with all my questions (because lets face it I'm clueless in the kitchen, but I'm learning). Anyway we had a jolly good laugh at my fudge (which included me tapping the top of it with my wooden spoon so she could hear how hard it was and my father in law in the background telling me to get a jack hammer! thanks dad LOL). It felt good to laugh. I may try to make the fudge again tomorrow, we'll see how everything else goes.
Saturday we made these fantastic wreath and candy cane shaped cookies, they are awesome! We probably ended up with 2 or 3 dozen of those. We also made Mamaw's cinnamon rolls. (Mom they came out great, Ian just said if I was going to do anything different put more cinnamon and sugar). We mixed up the dough to make gingerbread Saturday as well (it had to chill over night).
So today we mixed the dough for the sugar cookies, and while that was chilling we cut the first batches of gingerbread. Then we cute the first pans of sugar cookies and we kept alternating between the two, while one was chilling we'd cut the next batch of the other. These cookies worked out really well together because they cook at the same temperature, just different amount of time. We ended up with about 5 dozen sugar cookies and probably 4 or more dozen of the ginger bread. They both came out great!!
Now tomorrow, I'm just got to make the crescent rolls (from scratch because the store bought have the stuff we're trying to avoid in them) and dinner. And possibly the fudge. Let me tell you my KitchenAid stand mixer just got a big work out ( and on it virgin run too)!!
Even though I've enjoyed the baking and stuff this year I think I'll be very glad when the holidays are over. Aidan was a total monster yesterday and today. Threats of no presents from Santa don't even work, he just keeps being a stinker. He broke another one of my ornaments today, one I just got a couple of weeks ago. Then he tried to hide the piece he broke off, which just totally ticked me off.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Another LO

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Did this lo just because! The kit used is LaWanna DesJardin's Groovy Little Christmas. (I recolored the alpha from the kit with another paper from the kit so that is would match what I was doing) I also used a template from Brenda Kempf. The font used is Comic Sans MS.

Quote Challenge at

Did this page for the challenge over at . The quote reads "Children are to be treated gently. They are like snowflakes- unique but only here for a while"~Dan Ward. The kit used is LaWanna DesJardin's Winter Wonder Kit. The font used is Comic San Serif
The little cutie in the picture is Aidan's cousin Jason.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rare indeed!

I had to share this picture, because this is not a common thing anymore. Aidan is now 4 and doesn't often want to snuggle with mommy unless she's in the middle of doing something. He's often times too busy playing and being a boy. But this was taken on the 13th at about 7:30 pm. He had his 4 year check up that morning and I think those 3 shots finally caught up with him. He was at my feet working in one of his preschool work books while I was checking my mail and I glanced down because it was suddenly quiet, and he was knocked out on the floor! So I scooped him up onto my lap and and he sort of woke up and started to ask if he could do something but fell asleep again before he finished his sentence. He did that several times before daddy got up for the night. He slept from then until 10 the next day, he was worn out!

Xmas photo shoot

Haircut or no Haircut I took pictures today for our christmas cards. At 9 pm, lol. In horrible lighting and they didn't come out too bad! so here's a sneak peek for anyone who wants one.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa Digi Layout

Did this page for a challenge at Addicted to Digital. The Kit used is Kim Johnson's Holly Jolly Christmas ( I recolored the slide mounts to match the green in the paint swishes). The font is CK Twilight.
Various pictures of my little man with Santa.
I'm off to bed, gotta get up for work in the morning.


the old blog-a-roo! Got tired of it not really having any flair. Made the banner myself using Kim Johnson's Holly Jolly Christmas digital scrapbooking kit. The font for those interested is CK Twilight. Had lots of help from Ian on figuring out how to change the banner up there. (Thanks, Dear) That's last year's Christmas picture on there, seeing as I haven't taken this year's yet. But you never know I might change it before Christmas because I'm going to be taking our pictures sometime within the next week. Going to do it myself too, since I finally got a tripod and figured out how to use the timer on my camera, LOL. Let me know what ya'll think. Does it look good? bad? ugly?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aidan's 4 year checkup...

went really well. My little guy was so good, hopped up on the scale to be measured and weighed, got his blood pressure taken (with a little mini blood pressure cuff, which was just too stinking cute, LOL), had his temp checked and all the normal stuff. He's doing great, doctor said to watch his weight, but didn't actually say he is over weight. Aidan had to get 3 shots this time, and he took it like a champ, no tears or anything. He was AWESOME. The nurse asked him if he wanted a lollipop and some stickers since he was so good, and his response, in his excited, cheerful voice was "Well, SURE!!", totally as if he was doing her a favor! She got a big kick out of him. He's such a good kid. We're slowly but surely getting closer to being totally potty trained, he's had a few accidents but it's expected right?. My little guy was laying on the floor next to me just now, coloring, while I checked my e-mail and I look down and he's knocked out, totally snoring, I think those shots finally caught up with him.
He helped me wrap some christmas presents last night and helped me pack and mail a gift this morning. He's a good helper. Each day I'm amazed by what he can do. He's constantly learning something new. Just these last 2 weeks he's been putting his own gloves on, with no help. He dresses himself. Helps gather stuff to make PB&J sandwiches. Helps put things away. He's pretty good at rinsing the dishes too (supervised of course). He's just an amazing little man. You just gotta love him!


Signed up today for next years Walk America for the March of Dimes. Will be walking on April 29th on Chicago's Lake Front. Personal Sponsor Page is here and the team page is here . If you want more info about this charity go here. I'll be adding the links to my page and my team page in the side bar. If anyone would like to walk with me that would be great, the more the merrier!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Some funny random shots

I took these myself of Aidan and me while we were waiting for Daddy so we could put the birthday boy to bed. It's been a big day for the little man. He turned four and mommy put him in big boy underwear all day. It went really well, no accidents. He's such a good boy, and he tries so hard. We even went out in public with no accidents! How awesome is my little man?!?!? I think we'll probably put him in an overnight pull-up bcause I don't think it'll do him any good to have an accident at night, I think it would set him back. We'll wait a few days and see if he wakes up dry for a few days running, if so I think it'll be onto underwear at night and a big boy bed.
Gotta run up and put the little guy to bed, without further ado here are pictures of Momma and her little boo!

A couple more pictures of the tree

Birthday Boy!!!

So here he is in all his 4 year old glory! As always (seriously since the christmas he was 1) he tears off pieces of paper hands them to me, tears off some more, hands them to me. He's really quite methodical about it. He had great fun opening his presents. But by far his favorite has been the Vacuum from Grammy and Grandpa. He keeps going back and playing with it again and again. He's quite a cutie. Mommy and Daddy sure do love you little man! (Secretly I'm wailing "oh my God my baby is 4!!!!!!!!") Happy Birthday Day Sweetkins!

Friday, December 08, 2006


This right here is a peekin' punkin! He was peeking through the tree at me while I was fluffing out the branches.
Aidan putting the first ornament on the tree, which happens to be Big Bird that he picked out a couple of days ago while we were tree shopping.
And here's the finished product. With the angel on top that Aidan helped me pick out this week. It really is quite pretty with the lights on, maybe once Aidan is asleep I'll turn the lights off and try to get a picture of the tree with it's twinkling lights.

Trimming the Tree

This is the first time we've put up a tree since I was pregnant with Aidan, and since he'll be four tomorrow that means it's been 4 years! This should be interesting since Aidan has been driving me right up the wall asking me "are we gonna put up the tree today?" for the last 2 weeks. I appeased him the other day by going up and getting out the wreath for the front door (which I decorated myself when I was in high school, musical instruments and various other christmas-y things, it's lovely if I do say so myself...and it is still to this day the best thing to come out of my high school years!) Will post pictures of the tree in the next post first I must make myself somewhat presentable (as I'm still in my pjs!). The baby and I put all the ornaments on and it is one mighty full tree!
It seems we've got several themes going over the years that these have been collected. There are ornaments that were mine, ornaments that were Ian's, and then of course there were ornaments that were "ours" and now there are Aidan's, too. I've discovered I must have a thing for penguins, as I bought a penguin ornament at the Zoo two summers ago, and bought three yesterday, one for each of us and each different, and there are several others that have accumulated over the years. Then of course there was the year of the snowmen-we've tons of those! Then there are lots of looney tunes ones, Taz for me and Marvin for Ian. Lots of Disney, gobs and gobs of bells in various shapes and sizes, including santas! Too many snowflakes to count! And then the year Aidan was born and the ones that followed there were plenty of Pooh! So we have QUITE an assortment. All special, and really they makes for a pretty tree! Even if it does seem as if it should tumble over from the sheer volume of decoration!
So, pictures to come soon!

Monday, December 04, 2006

couple of christmas tags

Made these for the template challenge here . The tag templates are by Kim Johnson, and the kits that I used are Rockadoodle Christmas by Faith True (for the round Tag) and Holly Jolly Christmas by Kim Johnson (for the other tag, LOL).

Monday, November 27, 2006

Nanny and the boys

Here is my lo for the november quote challenge at .

The font is CK Holiday Spirit and the kit I used was the October newsletter freebie and template from Alma Townsend at the Scrap Habit.

quote reads

"Other things my change us, but we start and end with family" - Anthony Brandt

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another new digi layout

Did this one for a sketch challenge at .

Kit used is Caution, Snowsuit Required by Sarah Davis (available here). Font used is Signboard

New digi layout

Did this page for the template challenge at .

Font used is Sylfaen, Kit used is Monica Larsen's Florals kit.

The pictures are Aidan on his first fourth of July. He was 7 months old.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The letters I altered for our family picture

nine inches tall

I got Tagged! Christmas Tag from Meghan

Holiday Tag
1 Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Um, hello, he wraps. Well he doesn't really. The elves do. Santa is a busy man!
3. Do you hang mistletoe? Sometimes
4. When do you put your decorations up? Haven't put any up in the last like 4 years, usually go to NJ for christmas. Otherswise usually on Black Friday, but I haven't managed it yet this year.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?don't really have one
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: don't really have one
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? What are you talking about? There were rumors going around that he wasn't real when I was about 8, but seeing as I'm a mommy now, that means I am now one of Santa's Helpers so I know those nasty rumors were a lie!
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We usually get x-mas PJs on the eve.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? lights first, then ornaments then tree topper
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it?Like all things it is great in moderation
12. Can you ice skate? Went one time, fell hard enough that it's put me off the idea of trying again for life, also gave me some pain in my hip that has come and gone ever since. So the answer to that is a resounding NO
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Don't have one
14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Family
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? sweet potato pie
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Buying a special ornament for the kids each year.
17. What tops your tree? I have a star and an angel, it depends on what I feel like putting up there.
18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? Giving- I love wrapping presents and seeing peoples reactions (but I do like receiving, really I feel free to send me gifts!)
19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Carol of the Bells
20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?YUM YUM doodle DUM

I tag anyone who hasn't already been tagged by this one!
Hey Laurie this means you! LOL

Thursday, November 23, 2006


It wasn't to awful. everything was cold, except she made a fresh can of cresents. Aidan of course had to have a tantrum, ok he had to of them but that's splitting hairs a bit. This is normal for whenever we're all over there. He's so used to getting his way that having Ian and I there, not letting him get away with everything doesn't mesh well. Oh Well! Not a horrible evening all in all, just stressful, but then again the holidays normally are.
Gobble Gobble


That's what Aidan's and my afternoon was, while we were letting daddy sleep. First we cleared off my scrap desk, got a lot of stuff put away, rearranged a little to work in some of my new storage. Then he and I decorated the J-O-Y letters (one for each of us to hold in our holiday photo)that I bought at Michael's. They came out pretty good. Will post a picture later if I get the chance. We also put the first coat of christmas red paint on the inside of the tray we're decorating for milk and cookies for Santa.
We just got daddy up so he could shower and we could go to my mom's for dinner. Which by the way was done 2 hours ago? Not really sure why they started so early when she asked what time we would be coming, and I told her after Ian gets up, which is usually 4, which is what time I woke him up. So basically they've probably eaten and we'll go over and they'll sit and watch us eat...which is always awkward. Which is how just about every holiday dinner that we do at their house is. I don't know if they just plan badly and the food is always done way too early and they just eat while it's hot, or if they ask what time we're coming and then just disregard whatever we said. Who knows. We probably won't stay long. My mom and god-mother will act like it's been 12 years since they've seen Aidan instead of 24 hours. Which for some reason always tends to put me on edge.
I am thankful, that they love Aidan so much, don't get me wrong. But lordy they can be smothering. We'll be expected to keep up a steady stream of chatter (notice that I didn't say engage in conversation, that doesn't really happen there is always lots of awkward silence), and when we don't we'll be asked what's the matter. Hopefully Christmas won't be so bad...If I can get the house ready maybe they can come here instead. Then they can be the ones who decide when they want to leave, and I can be the one to say "So, soon?" I, of course, won't be saying as if they're abandoning me in a the jungle, with no food or water, which is how my mom says it everytime we go. Sometimes it's hard to be so loved. It's nice though to know that you're loved, and for that I am thankful as well. Even if I don't always sound like I am, even to myself.
Happy Turkey Day again! Perhaps I'll post on the outcome of the evening later.

Gobble til you Wobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone is spending today with loved ones! To the NJ clan we miss you and love you!
Here's a few pictures of the little man enjoying the leaves in the yard...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2 new digi layouts

Both of these are for challenges at
the first is for their font challenge, we had to use the font "Selfish" it's gorgeous and I can totally see me using this alot! The kit I used for this is Misty Cato's Rolling Along Kit.

the next is for their Title Take Challenge- this month's title was "Harvest of Happiness" The kit I used for this one was the October gift from Alma Townsend.

Edited: I don't know why this isn't loading right, but just click on the preview and you can see the whole thing.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas cards

Mine are normally very late or never even make it into the mail. This year is going to be different. This year I'm making mine, and They're about half done. All of the stamping is done, all the layers are cut, I just need to do the coloring in and the putting together. I'm really liking how they're coming out too. I've also discovered something over the last few days. I tend to lean toward blues for christmas, is anyone else like this? I was wrapping presents today and noticed that all of the wrapping paper the last few years has been blue for the most part. and now this year the ornaments we're making, the cards I'm making, the ornament I bought (we get one each year) all have blue. Most people when they think of Christmas lean toward reds and greens don't they? I mean those are the "traditional" colors right? oh well I went off on a bit of a tangent there. Here's a peek at the out side of our cards for this year. The scan just doesn't do these justice, all the grey areas are sparkly and this scan makes them look kind of dull, but you can get the basic idea any way.
Santa's helper over and out!

Aidan w/ SANTA

How stinking cute is this kid?? He was SO excited to go and see Santa today. He told Santa what he wanted for christmas (a kitchen) and Santa told him to make sure that he was a good boy. Not so sure how long that will last, but it never hurts to have the jolly fat man backing you up. I'm pretty thrilled that he go to see Santa today too, for a couple of reasons.
1- no line
2- the was a very nice Santa
3- I don't have to go anywhere near the mall again until Christmas is over!
So without further ado here's the little man and the jolly fat man!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Git 'R Dun!!!

That's me, Getting it Done!
I'm done shopping for Aidan's Birthday and my job as Santa's Helper for my little guy is done as well. Picked up the big one today. In another month or so I'll be dining at the newest hot spot in my neighborhood, Chez McB's. I'll have a major in with the Chef in training, Chef Aidan. That's right I just got my fry-guy a kitchen set up. One day some lucky girl will thank me when she marries my Aidan and he knows his way around a kitchen and knows how to cook (and I do NOT mean how to work the microwave either)!
I'm basically done for Ian as well, just have 2 things to pick up when they come back in stock.
Dan is done. Kev is almost done, just need to get one more small thing (which I still need to decide what that small thing will be).
Mom is done, just need to finish making it.
My Godmother's present is taken care of, I just need to make it.
I picked up an unfinished wooden tray that I'm going to decorate that will be our special christmas tray for cookies and milk for Santa. Will take pictures of that when it's done. Also stopped at work to get my check and pic up some paper to cover my wooden letters that I'm going to use in this year's christmas pictures. Will post them when I'm done.
We've got some re-arranging to do, need space for the new kitchen we got for Aidan and we need somewhere to put the tree. This should be interesting. But it can be done! I will succeed. Monday hopefully I can wrap everything but the kitchen set (because it is just to big, that and I had to take it out of the box in order to get it in the truck. I love the Step2 line of toys, they're very sturdy, but good grief the boxes are HUGE!!!!
I love the fact that other then a trip to the mall tomorrow to get Aidan's picture taken with the fat guy in a red suit I won't have to go near the mall again until after christmas!!! WOOOOHOOOO! That is a beautiful thing. All I need to do it go to Borders and use up the holiday cash I earned during the year, and that's it! Will probably get some christmas books for the little guy since I don't think any of Ian's or my books are due out before my holiday cash expires.
I am just so thrilled to be pretty much done. I feel as though I've accomplished something. Tomorrow I have to take the truck for it's 30k mile maint. and take Aidan for his picture, and then I may let him visit w/ Nana and Grandma for a little bit so I can wrap the goods.
Santa's Elf over and out!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Job Titles and a Plan

Who would have thought that having a child would give me so many different job titles? I'm usually taxi driver, short order cook,and maid. I've got the seasonal job of "Santa's Elf"! The pays not great, but it's fun, if you can ignore the money that just flies right out of your hands. I'm finally back on track where I normally am. I've bought most of the stocking stuffers, and I'll be wrapping what I've got on Monday and it feels good to be back in control. Most years the bulk of my Christmas shopping is done by Thanksgiving. I've got a plan for what's left and I'm going to stick to it too. I really don't enjoy the "hustle and bustle" closer to the holiday, I don't like the bumping and pushing and grabbing (and the traffic, my God the traffic!) that tends to happen when people wait until the last minute, it sort of ruins the whole spirit of Christmas, the why we celebrate. So I avoid the crowds at any and all costs. And God Bless online shopping, which is how I've done most of my shopping the last few years. Saves time, money (if you shop around), and my sanity. Since we have to stay home this Christmas it means that I have to get the house ready for the holidays. This is something I haven't done since I was pregnant with Aidan (who by the way will be four in a matter of weeks!!!!). We just haven't bothered with a tree and all the trimmings because we've always gone away for the holiday. And really with the stress of the job and having such a young child I don't know if I could have handled it any sooner then this. Time to step up to the plate, make some new traditions, and get back into the spirit of the holiday.
I've got my christmas cards in the works, and Aidan has been making some lovely ornaments (with a little bit of help from mommy)to send out to some special people. I've been working on thepackages for the ornaments, they're coming along nicely if I do say so myself!
I've got our clothes for a Christmas photo shoot (which hopefully will happen on thanksgiving when my God-mother will be able to take a few shots of the three of us together for our christmas cards). Which should mean I'll actually get Christmas cards in the mail in time to be delivered...before Christmas. That hasn't happened in years, LOL.
Santa's Helper signing off for now.
Here's to a Jolly Holiday Season!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For Kyle

I had to share this video that some one thought to share with me (Thanks Torreh!) I'm going to start looking for one of these car seats right away. Please watch this video and tell anyone you know that has children about this. Spread the word!

Friday, November 10, 2006


I had gone to get the little guy from Grandma's after daddy finally went to sleep. We come home, he asks if he can watch a movie. I say "maybe. just let mommy finish typing this post". He says "ok".
Silence ensues....
Now I don't know about any one else's house, but in my house silence means one of 2 things.
#1- silence=Trouble (notice the capital 'T')
this is most often the case! is usually means trouble of the "I'm-doing-something-I-know-I'm-not-supposed-to-so-I'm-going-to-be-SUPER-quiet-while-I-do-it-so-as-to-lull-mommy-into-thinking-I'm-being-such-a-good-patient-boy" variety.
#2- see pictures below...

Now this is only the third time this has ever happened. Twice here and once at Grammy and Grandpa's house. So I don't know what all he did today at Grandma's house but they must have WORN him out! I go into the living room and at first I didn't see him, then I followed the snoring to the futon. Look how sweet he is! What a kid. He even covered himself up (that's his Daddy's old baby blanket he's using)!

Wisdom and Weather

...teeth out for Ian today. We've been waiting since march for the ok from the insurance and it finally came a couple of weeks ago, so we scheduled it for today. He did really well! Poor guy was up for over 24 hours though. but he's got 2 more days to recover before he goes back to work. He should be a much happier camper now that those teeth are gone!
It's raining cats and dogs and elephants and frogs and everything else you can imagine here today. I mean by the bucket. our street is flooded, half the street has no power. and it's cold. What a stinky deal!
That's about it for now, going to shut her down for the storm.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Heidi Layout

She's so cute I had to do a page really quick!
Credits for supplies go to-
criss cross stitching is by Peggy Brutcher from the kit Flip Flop Fun.
Background, buttons, ribbon, and pink flower ar from LaWanna DesJardin's Sassy mini kit.
Stitches with little flowers is by Correen Silke (recolored to match this lo) from NSDFreebie.
DeDe Smith's Fiber Alpha (recolored)
I also used this LO for the challenge this week at Addicted to Digital.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Halloween Pictures

Halloween Pictures

Here's Aidan and his "Girlfriends"! He had a blast, even though it was pretty chilly. We went back to Laurie and Rick's and had hot chocolate. Aidan can't wait to go and "play with those girls again" . He's such a ham. He really liked playing in their playroom. He's brought them up at least once each day since.

Heidi Katherine

Aidan's new cousin born yesterday.
5lbs 12 oz of pure sweetness! Isn't she gorgeous!?!
Congrats John and Valerie on your new baby girl!
Congrats Charlie on your new little sister!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I expected for parenting to get hard when Aidan became a teenager, I expected for there to be times when he would say mean things and tell me he didn't like me. I didn't expect my not quite four year old to call me a monster. He was playing with this jar of change and had decided that he was going to go play with something else. I told him to clean up his money first. He told me "No way MONSTER" with the most unfriendly look in his eyes. Make no mistake I have always known I was not his favorite person.He has always preferred his Daddy to me, I thought because daddy is more patient, doesn't raise his voice as often. He has always preferred Nana and Grandma because he gets his way when he's over there.
But tonight has convinced me that...
Perhaps I am wrong.
Perhaps he really just does hate me.
Perhaps I did something horribly wrong at some point and never realized it.
Perhaps this is really part of why Ian keeps saying we should wait to have another baby, maybe it's not just because he wants to finish school.
Perhaps this is repayment for some sin I've commited.
Perhaps this is sign.
I called Ian in a fit of tears over this. and ended up telling him that he wouldn't have to worry about me bringing up the subject of when we could try for a sibling for Aidan ever again.
I will not ask again.
I don't want another child that will look at me with the look Aidan gave me tonight.
I do not want to feel like this ever again. This is the lowest I have EVER felt.
I am sick.
I am tired.
I am done.

edited 11/4/06
A couple of people have told me this is normal behavior from a child...I accept that, although it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I've received some advice from someone older and wiser and who's had 3 boys and who always seems to me to be so patient, even though she claims it's taken her years to get that way. My fantastic mother in law! I've got a long way to go don't I Mom? will I ever get there? I hope so until then I guess I'll just have to be a work in progress and try to be the best mom I can be. Here's to it all working itself out in the end!

Monday, October 30, 2006

So yesterday was a first for me!

Not a good first, not a nice first. But a "REALLY pissed me off first". I was driving home from work and it sounded like something hit the car. I figured maybe a rock popped up, you can't do anything about that. So I kept on going the last few blocks to the house, got out to check the car where I thought I heard the impact. And do you want to know what really hit my car? Well I'll tell you!!! It was an EGG!!!!!!!!! WTF is that all about!!! Who eggs random people going by? What year is it? I mean you would think this we be old by now. I mean I don't remember people doing it anymore when I was in H.S. why would it be making a come back? This pissed me off....

For a couple of reasons-

1.- If I had been an inexperienced driver and they had missed their aim on my moving vehicle and hit the windshield they could have caused a serious accident.

2. Egg is not good for your paint job. I haven't had this truck for 2 years yet, I really don't want it looking all ghetto just because I practically live in the ghetto.

3.- It's just plain ignorant for some jack ass to sit outside and hurl what could have potentially been their breakfast this morning at other unsuspecting people.

So me being the upstanding citzen that I am i called the village police (non-emergency of course) and let them have a piece of my mind about this. Last I heard they sent a squad car to the scene of the crime.

And on that happy note I'll post again tomorrow. Hopefully lots of great pictures of the little man's first time trick or treating. and with his GIRLFRIENDS none the less! That's what he calls Ashley and Dana...his girlfriends. I wonder if it's to soon to sit down and have a little talk to him about how it's a bad idea to be "dating" 2 girls at once, especially when they're sisters?

Later Taters

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