Thursday, November 23, 2006


That's what Aidan's and my afternoon was, while we were letting daddy sleep. First we cleared off my scrap desk, got a lot of stuff put away, rearranged a little to work in some of my new storage. Then he and I decorated the J-O-Y letters (one for each of us to hold in our holiday photo)that I bought at Michael's. They came out pretty good. Will post a picture later if I get the chance. We also put the first coat of christmas red paint on the inside of the tray we're decorating for milk and cookies for Santa.
We just got daddy up so he could shower and we could go to my mom's for dinner. Which by the way was done 2 hours ago? Not really sure why they started so early when she asked what time we would be coming, and I told her after Ian gets up, which is usually 4, which is what time I woke him up. So basically they've probably eaten and we'll go over and they'll sit and watch us eat...which is always awkward. Which is how just about every holiday dinner that we do at their house is. I don't know if they just plan badly and the food is always done way too early and they just eat while it's hot, or if they ask what time we're coming and then just disregard whatever we said. Who knows. We probably won't stay long. My mom and god-mother will act like it's been 12 years since they've seen Aidan instead of 24 hours. Which for some reason always tends to put me on edge.
I am thankful, that they love Aidan so much, don't get me wrong. But lordy they can be smothering. We'll be expected to keep up a steady stream of chatter (notice that I didn't say engage in conversation, that doesn't really happen there is always lots of awkward silence), and when we don't we'll be asked what's the matter. Hopefully Christmas won't be so bad...If I can get the house ready maybe they can come here instead. Then they can be the ones who decide when they want to leave, and I can be the one to say "So, soon?" I, of course, won't be saying as if they're abandoning me in a the jungle, with no food or water, which is how my mom says it everytime we go. Sometimes it's hard to be so loved. It's nice though to know that you're loved, and for that I am thankful as well. Even if I don't always sound like I am, even to myself.
Happy Turkey Day again! Perhaps I'll post on the outcome of the evening later.

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