Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farmer Aidan

This is his "costume" for Halloween this year. We went from him wearing the same clothes, along with his toolbelt and hard hat (so he could be Bob the Builder) to being a farmer.

Autumn Mix by LaWanna DesJardinPainted Burlap-Alpha and Extras (red) by LaWanna DesJardinFont- DSP Cyber Gram

I got accepted to another CT

for Merkeley Designs., which can be found at Merkeley Designs and at Oscraps.

She's got some awesome stuff in her shops, I love her "A Big Alpha" which I used for the "1941" in the layout below.

The picture is my Great Grandfather. That's him behind the bar in his Saloon (one of many businesses that he had).


Blueberry Mountain (short stack) paper pack by Merkeley Designs
A Big Alpha by Merkeley Designs
Binder Clips Altered by Merkeley Designs
Purty Curls by Merkeley Designs
Sepia Stamps by Merkeley Designs
Spectrum Flowers by Merkeley Designs
Fonts MS Serif, Calligrapher, and Sylfaen

We only have a handful of pregnancy pictures, most were lost during my hard drive crash. This one is a scan of a really bad copy, but it's the only one from the end of the pregnancy, and a bad picture is better then no picture.
Blueberry Mountain (short stack) paper pack by Merkeley Designs
A Big Alpha by Merkeley Designs
Binder Clips Altered by Merkeley Designs
Purty Curls by Merkeley Designs
Sepia Stamps by Merkeley Designs
Spectrum Flowers by Merkeley Designs
Small Packages-Notepaper3 by ksharonk Designs
Font Arial

Friday, October 26, 2007


That's Ian's final GPA! It would have been even higher if we hadn't been without internet for a week during a 2 week long class. Ian you rock! I am so PROUD of you!!!
Ian "in the classroom"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just another day in Paradise

Things are going ok here. I am, as per the usual, feeling overwhelmed about the things that need to get done, and trying to find balance between the things that NEED to get done and the things I WANT to get done. I was going to make baked ziti today, I had just finished boiling the noodles for it and was in the process of draining them when I spilled the darn things all over the sink! To my credit I didn't burst into tears, lol. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I cleaned that up and just boiled another kind of pasta with some broccoli, and some baked chicken. I was so annoyed with my self. Part of the reason for that is my poor little guy is sick again, just a cold but he's miserable, and didn't sleep well, and was up about 2 and half hours earlier then normal. I'm waiting for him to crash. It's probably going to happen soon, and I'm going to have to crash with him, because I just know he'll be waking up a bunch during the night. So anyway, I had to take a tired and listless little manto Sam's club and the grocery store with me. then I filled the truck up. came home and unloaded it all. didn't have much time to get dinner made before Ian had to get up for work and then I botched the first batch of noodles. so you can see my day's been a bit tiring. BUT. I'm home with my little man more, and that's a good thing. We're acclimating pretty well, we just need to get more a routine and we'll be moving right along.
So here's to many more days in paradise- maybe minus the flubbed noodles and the sniffles.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I've been double tagged

by Meghan and Lissa
Here's the deal:
7 Random Facts I must post.So read them, comment on them & then check to see if your name is in the 7 I tag. If it is, list 7 Random Facts about yourself & pass on the tag to 7 people.

1.I just ate pancakes and eggs for dinner (you asked for random, lol).
2.I love reading, I've got so many books I could use a couple more tall bookshelves. Ian is in the same boat. So is Aidan. We could so totally open the McBride private library, lol.
3.I've read all of my books, multiple times. And I usually finish a book the same day I start it.
4.I have the best in-laws in the world. I get along better with them then I do my own family. :)
5.My youngest brother in law turned 16 yesterday. he was 6 when I met him!!
6.My babay is going to be 5 in a couple of months..AHHH! where does the time go?
and last but not LEAST!
7. Ian just finished his last class TODAY!! As soon as the figure out the grades for that, I'll be the very PROUD wife of a college graduate! It's been a long 4 years. But I'm so proud of him, he's worked so hard.

now I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but I think most everyone I know has already been tagged, and I don't know 7 people to tag. But I'll tag the people I know anyway, and if they've been tagged more then once, as Lissa said, just considered yourself extra loved.


Trick or Treat LO

I used a template by SStanton (there was no TOU, this was part of the file name) as a jumping off point.
Everything else is by LaWanna DesJardin.
Stitches- Bittersweet Autumn kit
Purple Glitz Alpha
Everything else is from her kit Moonlit Magic Fonts- Calligrapher and Arial

Saturday, October 20, 2007

2 new digi layouts

Well, I was going to upload to new pages I did , but blogger won't let me! oy.
So here's what you can do if you want to see them, click on one of my gallery links, and you can see them there, one is called "Magical" and one is called "Autumn Romp". I'll try to upload them here again later.
ETA: Here are the LOs. Details below

Autumn Romp
Did this for the Hawt Mama Template challenge this week (10/19/07)
I used LaWanna DesJardin's kit Bittersweet Autumn. The r, m, and p are done with the socket font, and I covered them (masked?) with the burlap circle from the kit so they would match.
Fonts- Socket and Arial
Started out with KimB's Pretty Twisted Template.
I used LaWanna DesJardin's kit Moonlit Magic
Font - Arial

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind.
In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.

We all know we need to do what we can to help the environment right? I can't help but think that if we don't step up and try to undo some of the damage done that there won't be a healthy world for our children. What do you do to help the environment? Our neighborhood doesn't do recycling at the curbside, so that's not an option for us. But we do help out in other ways. We've switched to reusable bags for our groceries. They totally rock. I've got five "String Bags" from ResuableBags.com. We used to average 10 plastic bags or more a grocery shopping trip, and you several trips in and out of the house to unload the car. Now I use my 5 String bags (they can hold like 40 pounds a piece, which you know those plastic ones could never do) and I only make one trip into the house because they have these longer handles that I can swing over my shoulders. If I had tries to get in the house in one trip with the plastic ones my fingers would be numb and I'd need someone to open the door. So we save on plastic bags and a little on heating and cooling with the cut down on the numbers of times we have to open the door. We also cut back on the number of plastic bags and the amount of tin foil we use, but using Wrap-n-Mats for my hubby's lunches. We know it's not much, but it's something, right?

So tell, me what do you do?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Love her voice

LeAnn Rimes and Brian McFadden


We went apple picking a few days ago, so we had apples we needed to use up before they went bad. So today we made homemade applesauce, which was way yummy. We made apple oatmeal cookies, half with walnuts and half with raisins. They were fabu! soft and chewy just the way I like my cookies. We made apple spice cookies. which were so-so. They taste good but they're WAY to soft. and last we made apple muffins. OMG! they are sooooo good! did I mention that the muffins are awesome!? not to sweet, but so moist and yummy! sigh I love baking. tomorrow we;re making an apple bundt cake and apple bread. can hardly wait. yum-O!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weird Al Concert

I just realized I never posted about this after the the concert. Aidan LOVED it. I wish I had taken the camera with because lots of people had theirs and I would have loved to have captured his expression throughout the show. His little face was just LIT up! I mean he just hd the BIGGEST grin on his face! Once again there were no bad seats. Aidan was really cute at one point in the show. Al was singing his parody of "smells like teen spirit" (that song by Nirvana, at least I think that's the name of the song, lol) anyway he's singing and he's got on the blond wig like the lead singer from that group had his hair (Curt Cobain? sp? can you tell I suck with names?) and Aidan says to me "I don't think that guy down there is weird Al ". LOL. I tried to explain to him that AL was just wearing a costume, with a wig, but he was convinced that that wasn't Al during that song. He recognized him for every other song though, including the one where he's got on the fat suit for his paradoy of "Bad" by M. Jackson. It was awesome. I hope Al tours again because I think he'd love to go again.

Played with paper

and other stuff, lol. made a few cards. yes real, hold in your hands cards. my paper pals can pick themselves up off the floor now, I told ya'll I didn't go completely digi. I can't give up paper! they're not the best cards on the planet but I was really just playing around with my new stamps.that and I'm a little rusty. my little guy was practicing cutting and pasting next to me.
so the cards weren't getting my full attentions.

Pardon the so-so scans, but here they are.
I'll try to tell you what I used on each one in case anyone is interested.

Credites for Witch on broom card;

orange and black pigment inks. the pumpkins are a wood-mounted stamp by Stampabilities.

Witch is a clear stamps from a set by Westrim. I was going to color the moon in, but I was too lazy.. :)

Have A Spooktacular Halloween is from the Stampendous clear Halloween set.

Scarecrow card:

Sunflowers, pumpkins, and scarecrow are all by Great Impressions (wood-mounted) stamps.

Give Thanks is from a Fiskars clear stamp set. and I used some Marvy pens to color everyone in.

Ribbon is from my stash, there's no telling where it came from, although I suspect that I got it from my Abby. :)

Eat Ham card

Turkey is a wood-mounted stamp by Inkadinkado. I just thought he was too cute. I tried my hand with water color pencils on him. and I used my new scalloped circle punch my Marvy Uchida (love those punches they totally rock!) The ribbon is from my stash I've got it in a couple of color combos and I think it came from Michael's.

Trick or treat bag is from the same clear set as the witch above. and that's the same pumpkins from the other card as well. I may ink the edges of this, it looks too plain right now....

I'll post the christmas cards I made a couple of weeks ago in another post soon.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I cooked!

Alright now! Very funny! You can get up off the floor and sit back in your chairs now. I really did cook, honest! Yes, I can wait while you mark your calendar. I made Chicken Fettuccine in Alfredo sauce from scratch. Mhhmmm, I did and it was good too! Then I made dessert, which was chocolate cinnamon bread-pudding. Complete with home made whipped cream! The baby and I thought it was awesome. Ian isn't a big fan of bread pudding (even though he ate a big helping, lol). I've even got plans to cook again tomorrow. We'll see how I feel after work. I'm on for the next 6 days. So I'm thinking I'm going to be worn out.