Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sink Saga Part III

OK, so we didn't go to the hardware store again today, it seems that the trap has stopped leaking...weird, but welcome! We've decided to give it a week and see if it stays that way, if it does well then we're done... if it doesn't then it's back to home depot. But I have to say I was grinning from ear to ear while brushing my teeth this morning, this new sink is a beauty! And you have to love the fact that it's not hanging off the wall! I couldn't be more pleased unless I was living somewhere else!

The sink saga continues..

Well we have a LOVELY pedestal sink, with a LOVELY Price-Pfister faucet and paneling that has been reattached to the wall...and a leaky trap. this after 3 trips to 2 different stores. See the thing is this: the pipe coming out of the wall is 1 1/4 " pipe, and the new faucet is 1 1/4" and so was our old trap, but the new sink is higher then the old one, and well that meant that the trap didn't reach the new drain thinger. so we went on our 2nd trip to the store. They didn't have and extensions the length that we needed in 1 1/4". but they had this really cool trap with like and extendable part...perfect...but it was 1 1/2 inch...but it came with a little gasket thingy that would convert it to the size we needed. YAY good to go, right? We bring it home and guess what... we need another converter thingy, so out we go again trip 3, got there 20 minutes before the store closed. Home we come, put it all together and the one side coming from the wall and connecting to the trap has the gall to leak!!! AAAARRRGGGG!!! So we'll be making another trip tomorrow, stay tuned for "The Homeowners Strike Back!" in what will hopefully be the last and final installment of this story.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Home repair

Well all new home owners who buy an old house are bound to be in for a few needed repairs. We've had our share...the $6500 sewer line that was broken in several places, installing a shower head on one of the claw foot tubs so that we could shower, small electrical stuff (which is not all completed yet) and now the sink in the upstairs bath. The people who sold this house must have been idiots (and so were we to have bought this house, but that's besides the point). The sink upstairs is nothing more then a basic wall mounted sink. There is paneling in the bathroom, kind of like wainscoting, normally like 36 inch wood paneling, ours is not wood...I don't no what it really is but we'll call it plastic, it doesn't look horrible, but it's not great either. Anyway, the sink is mounted to the wall, and poorly mounted it is. The paneling and the sink are coming away from the wall, not this is annoying, and probably dangerous. And I am tired of having the tell Aidan not to lean on it when he brushes his teeth at night. So we made a trip to the home depot and now have in our mitts and pedestal and sink along with a pipe wrench, basin wrench, and all kinds of plumbers goop. We've bought screws to reattach the paneling to the wall and are going to try to install this new sink ourselves. Aidan is playing at grandma and nana's and we're going to try to get this all done in one shot. So once again, wish us luck, we're going to need it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I'm back to work, still not a hundred percent better. I think the infection is probably gone, but the bronchitis isn't. I've still got the wretched cough. Came home from work today because my boss, being the genius that he is, decided it would be a good idea for my to scrub down machines and paint them today...needless to say i brought my little self right on back home, I'm still wheezing for crying out loud, why would I want to be breathing in all those fumes to boot? I offered to do something else less strenous but there was nothing. Oh well.

March of Dimes WalkAmerica

Well it's that time of year again! Time for me to start raising money for The March Of Dimes. I try to do their walk each year, (did a few in high school, and then started doing them again a couple of years ago, this will be my 5th year raising money). I didn't actually go down for the walk last year (still raised money), the weather was bad and one of us was sick if I remember correctly. If anyone would like to help me out by donating at my sponsor page that would be FABULOUS. The most I've ever raised was $250 dollars and I'd love to beat that. Remember any donations are deductible on next years taxes. If you know of anyone who would like to donate please send them here or dorectly to my sponsor page. Thanks eveyone!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm home sick, Ian took me to urgent aid yesterday because the doctors office that we've been going to didn't have anything available until next Tuesday. When I got home on Tuesday night I started not feeling well, had a sore throat and a horrible cough. I had hoped that it would be gone by the morning but it wasn't. By the time I got to the clinic I had a fever of 101.4 so they gave me tylenol, it brought it down to 99.9 by the time I left. I have a very bad case of bronchitis (not sure on the spelling) and an infection, so I'm on meds for that. Just wanted to keep everyone updated. This is the first time I've been out of bed since I came home yesterday and I'm pretty much wiped out again, so I'm gonna head back to my bed.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mr Fix-It

That's my Ian. We've got this old house, and the wiring is probably original; which is very scary to think about. Anyway, the dining room light was being wonky. We would turn it on, and it would come on then flicker off. So we switch it off and then back on again, and it does it again, so we repeat the first step again. turn it on, and eventually it would stay on. Well this has been making me a little nervous and jerky so we weren't leaving it on when we weren't home, and really not using it much when we were home. My Ian decided to try changing out the light switch. TaDa the light stays on now! Still nervous about our ancient wiring but not as nervous as before. We've got 2 more lighting problems that need fixing and then we are seriously thinking about selling our house. We're just a little tired of not knowing what is going to go wrong next. Ian is also going to actively start looking for another job...even if it's out here somewhere for the time being. Fingers crossed, wish us luck!