Saturday, February 18, 2006

Home repair

Well all new home owners who buy an old house are bound to be in for a few needed repairs. We've had our share...the $6500 sewer line that was broken in several places, installing a shower head on one of the claw foot tubs so that we could shower, small electrical stuff (which is not all completed yet) and now the sink in the upstairs bath. The people who sold this house must have been idiots (and so were we to have bought this house, but that's besides the point). The sink upstairs is nothing more then a basic wall mounted sink. There is paneling in the bathroom, kind of like wainscoting, normally like 36 inch wood paneling, ours is not wood...I don't no what it really is but we'll call it plastic, it doesn't look horrible, but it's not great either. Anyway, the sink is mounted to the wall, and poorly mounted it is. The paneling and the sink are coming away from the wall, not this is annoying, and probably dangerous. And I am tired of having the tell Aidan not to lean on it when he brushes his teeth at night. So we made a trip to the home depot and now have in our mitts and pedestal and sink along with a pipe wrench, basin wrench, and all kinds of plumbers goop. We've bought screws to reattach the paneling to the wall and are going to try to install this new sink ourselves. Aidan is playing at grandma and nana's and we're going to try to get this all done in one shot. So once again, wish us luck, we're going to need it!

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