Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mr Fix-It

That's my Ian. We've got this old house, and the wiring is probably original; which is very scary to think about. Anyway, the dining room light was being wonky. We would turn it on, and it would come on then flicker off. So we switch it off and then back on again, and it does it again, so we repeat the first step again. turn it on, and eventually it would stay on. Well this has been making me a little nervous and jerky so we weren't leaving it on when we weren't home, and really not using it much when we were home. My Ian decided to try changing out the light switch. TaDa the light stays on now! Still nervous about our ancient wiring but not as nervous as before. We've got 2 more lighting problems that need fixing and then we are seriously thinking about selling our house. We're just a little tired of not knowing what is going to go wrong next. Ian is also going to actively start looking for another job...even if it's out here somewhere for the time being. Fingers crossed, wish us luck!

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Awesome Abby said...

What a cute picture! You should make a layout entitled just that...Mr. Fix-It! :) Glad you got that fixed. Kevin had a cd player that Thirty got a hold of the cord. Jason "fixed" it with electrical tape, but one morning, when J came home, he smelled something. The thing had caught on fire. It was under the cardtable tent that the boys had made with like EVERY blanket in the house on top of it. They slept in there. Thankfully, they were out in the living room, and J was home to smell the time he got in there, there were flames. He had to run teh flaming radio out of hte house, got burnt on his hands, and then we ended up having to throw out 3 or 4 blankets that were on fire. It burnt Kev's carpet and his dresser...we were REALLY lucky there was no fire. I'm glad you got that fixed. Wires are not to be reckoned with!