Sunday, February 19, 2006

The sink saga continues..

Well we have a LOVELY pedestal sink, with a LOVELY Price-Pfister faucet and paneling that has been reattached to the wall...and a leaky trap. this after 3 trips to 2 different stores. See the thing is this: the pipe coming out of the wall is 1 1/4 " pipe, and the new faucet is 1 1/4" and so was our old trap, but the new sink is higher then the old one, and well that meant that the trap didn't reach the new drain thinger. so we went on our 2nd trip to the store. They didn't have and extensions the length that we needed in 1 1/4". but they had this really cool trap with like and extendable part...perfect...but it was 1 1/2 inch...but it came with a little gasket thingy that would convert it to the size we needed. YAY good to go, right? We bring it home and guess what... we need another converter thingy, so out we go again trip 3, got there 20 minutes before the store closed. Home we come, put it all together and the one side coming from the wall and connecting to the trap has the gall to leak!!! AAAARRRGGGG!!! So we'll be making another trip tomorrow, stay tuned for "The Homeowners Strike Back!" in what will hopefully be the last and final installment of this story.

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Awesome Abby said...

i'll be anxiouslye awaiting the res of the story....what a pain to have to go that far away so many times...that's the way it is around here, too.