Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Flowers

I wanted to post the pretty flowers my sweet husband sent me for Valentine's Day. (they actually got here the day before)

Ignore all the kitchen-y stuff. Aren't they just gorgeous? Love the mix of Red pink and purple. Ian you sure do know how to pick something I'm going to love! I just love that there are tulips in there too since that's what I carried at our wedding.

On another note: It seems as if the weather has decided to behave itself. We should have pretty smooth sailing for our trip east. Can't wait to see everyone!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Why, oh why did it have to start snowing like this? We've gotten more snow over the last 24 hours then we've had all winter put together! We're supposed to leave for a visit to NJ (which, by the way we had to put off from christmas because of work). I don't want to have to wait until summer to go for a visit, then it'll have been a year since we saw them and that is so not cool! We're all hyped up about going, this is something we all look forward to each time a visit comes around. So I just want to say " Lord please don't make it so we can't travel on the roads to NJ, please we need our fix of family time!, Thank You! :)"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chicago Bears

lost!!! horribly!!! I am so disappointed. I really really don't like their quarterback, he sucks! I had fun yelling at them though. We had a good time. Maybe they can make it again next year.