Friday, November 28, 2008

15 Random things that are on my mind....

wow, so I haven't posted in a while, I haven't really done any commenting on other people's posts either. bad blogger=me! so while I've got the idea in my head I'm going to run with. Here is a list, in no particular order, of random things I'm thinking about/or that are going on.
1- Thanksgiving came and went too fast- how is it possible that it's almost Christmas?
2- It's almost Christmas- yay for Christmas music on the iPod!!!
3- Here's to hoping the economy does not get worse- I don't think we can take much more, things are tight.
4- I really need to get hoppin' on the home made christmas gift front-I've got the stuff I need I just "gotta get 'er done".
5- I really need to make all of us some nice snuggly winter pjs.
6- I wonder if it's possible to squeeze a few more hours into the day? if not could we just add on a whole 'nother day? I mean really I'm not asking for much am I?
7-I wish I knew where the hell my camera ran off too, I've been using my mom's since august, mine went missing some time after July 19 (as that's the last picture I have off of it).
8- I really need to get some CT work done, but I need more time! I could also use more drive space, lol.
9- We still need to get the garage door replaced- but again there's that money thing again.
10- I need to get some new stuff into my digi shop, not that I seem to make any money there anyway, but it's fun to dream.
11- I'm thankful we're all healthy and happy (or at least in my case only mildly depressed, impatient, and cranky-it comes and goes, lol.)
12- really need to give Aidan a haircut, and then I must take pictures for Christmas cards.
13- I wonder if Ian will ever cut his hair again? lol, maybe he's trying to get it as long as mine? my hubby is a mystery. but then he's always said he likes to keep people guessing!
14- will this baby fever ever go away? it's frustrating...which is probably why I'm mildly depressed.
15- It's really funny how my thoughts seem to come with a southern accent, it also rears it's head when I'm talking and getting agitated or emotional. ( Hi, I'm Fe, and I'm pretty fluent in southern-ese).

so that's all for now, that's what's floating around in my head right this minute, I'm sure that'll change again as soon as something new comes up, and then I'll forget what I needed to do and we'll be right back where I started from, dazed and confused, and wondering what it was I came into the room for. I know I can't be the only one that that happens too, you know what I'm mean- you walk into a room for something, and then you stand there trying to remember what that something was that you came into the room for... I know I'm not the only one this happens too! please tell me I'm right!

oh wait! here's another not so random is it that my baby...

is going to be 6 in a less then 2 weeks?????? (BTW- that picture was taken right before we left the hospital, so that's not his birthday)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gappy Grin version 4.0

He lost another one this morning, not he's got a big ol' gap, and little bitty lisp! He's just too cute! (even with the major case of Bed Head and sleepy eyes going on in the picture below- we had to get a picture right away!)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yet Another Lost Tooth!

They seems to be coming out just as fast as they came in! This one has been loose for a bit and was actually coming out really weird, it was pushing forward, it turns out that was because his big tooth was wanting out! The tooth next to it is very loose too so I'm sure we'll be singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" this holiday season. Here's a picture of the Aidan's Gappy Grin Version 3.0 (and Daddy is in there too with as Matt calls it- his "hippy hair" )

Sunday, November 02, 2008


So here's a layout with a picture of Aidan in his Halloween costume that I made. He's all about Star Wars lately! I had to take a picture of him in his Jedi gear with the funny little R2D2 mailbox outside the Museum of Science and Industry. They had free admission on Halloween, and since Daddy had to work and we wouldn't have a car to go to Laurie's for trick or treating this seemed like a great alternative. I think Aidan's favorite part might have been the pumpkin drop demonstration that they did. We got to watch it twice. It was a wonderful way to teach kids about elastic and inelastic. They started out bouncing two small rubber balls that look alike, except they're not. One bounces and the other doesn't. So once the kids understood the difference, the got on to the really fun part. We glance up to the balcony where our presenter's partner is stationed. They first hold up a playground ball, and they ask the audience how high we think it will bounce (by the way there's a giant tape measure showing that the balcony is 25 ft high, and this is what we use to guess how high things will go). SO it bounced about 3.5 ft. then he yells up to the other guy, "what else ya got for us?". He's got a water ball (a squishy ball you play with in the pool). We guess what that will do (it just flops down, lol). Again he say "What else ya got for us?". He's got a really big playground ball. It bounces pretty much the same as the little one. "what else ya got for us?". He's got a pumpkin! the kids all start cheering. (keep in mind each time they drop something they've had the crowd counting it down from 3, and if we're not loud enough, they don't drop it. I think this really makes it more fun for the kids. it's a wonderful museum, lots of hands on for the kiddos.) Anyway back to the pumpkin. we're guessing what it'll do (the kids are all really cute!). We count it down (3 times, we were really yelling by the time they dropped it, lol). of course it splats! the kids (and adults) go wild, lol. They ask if we want to try it again. of course we do! They dropped 3 for each show.
They also allowed the kids to trick or treat at the museum. The employees were all "Mad Scientists" and their lab coat pockets were full of candy. It was really nice, the kids had to answer a science question to get their candy. I liked that they (or at least most of them) got down to the kids level to ask the questions. Some of the questions were hands on. They were all very friendly and help make science fun for the kids. A wonderful experience all in all!

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