Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Altered Tin

This is a little band aid tin that I decorated to keep my son's baby teeth in.
K&co Paper (little whales with a gap tooth grin, so cute!) and Karen Foster tooth alpha stickers. Ribbon is Lasting Impressions. Tag was punched with an EK Success punch
and this is the little monkey that wanted to take a picture!

Gap Tooth Grin Layout

I saw this new K&Co paper at work the other day and knew it would be perfect for a layout of Aidan losing his first tooth. You may not be able to see it from the picture, but the little whales all have a missing tooth, it's just too cute.
Ingredients- Card stock, K&Co paper, Karen Foster tooth alpha stickers, Lasting Impressions ribbon, Foof-a-la button, Autumn Leaves clear stamp and the George Cartridge for the Cricut.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Urban Samurai

Well...I did it.... I paper scrapped!! for the first time in I don't know how long. Broke in my cricut, and scrapped some picture of my Urban Samurai(s). Ian, Kevin and Dan with their Samurai swords that Dad got for them one year. Nothing too fancy I had to get my feet wet with a simple layout. it's taken me days to sit and do this because I only had one sheet of that dragon paper and I didn't want to ruin it. Ignore the glare, I can't take a decent picture of a layout to save my life.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Out!

He keeps telling me he looks silly now, everyone is going to laugh. It this my kid or what?

Loose Tooth

My little guy has a loose tooth! it wiggles and everything, he's not too thrilled with the idea of it coming out, he says he doesn't want everyone to laugh at him....I'm like everyone who? no one is going to laugh. to which he says "oh" and wanders off to play. What a kid!


"When ever I see this picture, it always makes me think of little orphan Annie, in her red dress. I remember sleeping in curlers to get my hair to curl just that little bit. My curls never lasted very long, but I loved the look of them."

LaWanna DesJardin:
Curled Paper Templates
Ladybug Lucy Kit
Everyday Word Art


"What a rare thing! A picture of my Mama Vee. Well that’s not totally true, I’ve got tons of pictures of her -from the back, or with her hand hiding her face! But one with a smile for the camera? That’s a rare and PRICELESS thing."

Merkeley Designs:
Chip Trims
Private Short Stack Paper Pack
Purty Curls
Glitter Charms Alpha

Misty Cato- Distressed White Alpha

My Teddy

"The story behind this bear always makes me smile. Apparantly when I was an infant , Mom was pushing me down an aisle in the store, and I started going crazy, she contnued down the aisle and I was pointing and making lots of noise. She looked all around to see what was causing my to behave that way, and she finally spotted what had caught my eye way up on the top shelf. This Bear! It was bigger then I was! When she tried to leave without it I guess I wasn’t to happy about that. She couldn’t help but buy it for me. "

O'Scraps New Growth Collab kit
Glitter Charms Alpha - Merkeley Designs

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being Green

"It's Not Easy Bein' Green" (lyrics by Joe Rapposo)
Template by Jen Caputo
Creamy Green Kit by HZ Designs
Font Monotype Corsiva

Friday, April 04, 2008


oh my GAAAAWWDDD!!! they're getting back together! Who do you ask? NKOTB! that's who!

I'd scream like a preteen girl but my husband's asleep, LOL. I never thought they'd get back together and record again. I loved them from the start, I think I was like 8 years old. what preteen girl at the time didn't love them. I'm just geeking out over here, I wonder if I can make my sweet hubby take me to a concert? will have to see!
now where did I put my giant 3 inch buttons of them? I just ran across them in a box a couple of months ago. gonna have to dig those out again.