Friday, April 04, 2008


oh my GAAAAWWDDD!!! they're getting back together! Who do you ask? NKOTB! that's who!

I'd scream like a preteen girl but my husband's asleep, LOL. I never thought they'd get back together and record again. I loved them from the start, I think I was like 8 years old. what preteen girl at the time didn't love them. I'm just geeking out over here, I wonder if I can make my sweet hubby take me to a concert? will have to see!
now where did I put my giant 3 inch buttons of them? I just ran across them in a box a couple of months ago. gonna have to dig those out again.


Anonymous said...

Was never into loves were Duran Duran!


Jodi said...

Was never into them. I know a girl that is happy they are coming back together.

Julie said...

OMG! I want to see them do another video!! I was in my 20's but I loved these guys and so did my DD!!