Friday, November 28, 2008

15 Random things that are on my mind....

wow, so I haven't posted in a while, I haven't really done any commenting on other people's posts either. bad blogger=me! so while I've got the idea in my head I'm going to run with. Here is a list, in no particular order, of random things I'm thinking about/or that are going on.
1- Thanksgiving came and went too fast- how is it possible that it's almost Christmas?
2- It's almost Christmas- yay for Christmas music on the iPod!!!
3- Here's to hoping the economy does not get worse- I don't think we can take much more, things are tight.
4- I really need to get hoppin' on the home made christmas gift front-I've got the stuff I need I just "gotta get 'er done".
5- I really need to make all of us some nice snuggly winter pjs.
6- I wonder if it's possible to squeeze a few more hours into the day? if not could we just add on a whole 'nother day? I mean really I'm not asking for much am I?
7-I wish I knew where the hell my camera ran off too, I've been using my mom's since august, mine went missing some time after July 19 (as that's the last picture I have off of it).
8- I really need to get some CT work done, but I need more time! I could also use more drive space, lol.
9- We still need to get the garage door replaced- but again there's that money thing again.
10- I need to get some new stuff into my digi shop, not that I seem to make any money there anyway, but it's fun to dream.
11- I'm thankful we're all healthy and happy (or at least in my case only mildly depressed, impatient, and cranky-it comes and goes, lol.)
12- really need to give Aidan a haircut, and then I must take pictures for Christmas cards.
13- I wonder if Ian will ever cut his hair again? lol, maybe he's trying to get it as long as mine? my hubby is a mystery. but then he's always said he likes to keep people guessing!
14- will this baby fever ever go away? it's frustrating...which is probably why I'm mildly depressed.
15- It's really funny how my thoughts seem to come with a southern accent, it also rears it's head when I'm talking and getting agitated or emotional. ( Hi, I'm Fe, and I'm pretty fluent in southern-ese).

so that's all for now, that's what's floating around in my head right this minute, I'm sure that'll change again as soon as something new comes up, and then I'll forget what I needed to do and we'll be right back where I started from, dazed and confused, and wondering what it was I came into the room for. I know I can't be the only one that that happens too, you know what I'm mean- you walk into a room for something, and then you stand there trying to remember what that something was that you came into the room for... I know I'm not the only one this happens too! please tell me I'm right!

oh wait! here's another not so random is it that my baby...

is going to be 6 in a less then 2 weeks?????? (BTW- that picture was taken right before we left the hospital, so that's not his birthday)

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