Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weird Al Concert

I just realized I never posted about this after the the concert. Aidan LOVED it. I wish I had taken the camera with because lots of people had theirs and I would have loved to have captured his expression throughout the show. His little face was just LIT up! I mean he just hd the BIGGEST grin on his face! Once again there were no bad seats. Aidan was really cute at one point in the show. Al was singing his parody of "smells like teen spirit" (that song by Nirvana, at least I think that's the name of the song, lol) anyway he's singing and he's got on the blond wig like the lead singer from that group had his hair (Curt Cobain? sp? can you tell I suck with names?) and Aidan says to me "I don't think that guy down there is weird Al ". LOL. I tried to explain to him that AL was just wearing a costume, with a wig, but he was convinced that that wasn't Al during that song. He recognized him for every other song though, including the one where he's got on the fat suit for his paradoy of "Bad" by M. Jackson. It was awesome. I hope Al tours again because I think he'd love to go again.

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