Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just another day in Paradise

Things are going ok here. I am, as per the usual, feeling overwhelmed about the things that need to get done, and trying to find balance between the things that NEED to get done and the things I WANT to get done. I was going to make baked ziti today, I had just finished boiling the noodles for it and was in the process of draining them when I spilled the darn things all over the sink! To my credit I didn't burst into tears, lol. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I cleaned that up and just boiled another kind of pasta with some broccoli, and some baked chicken. I was so annoyed with my self. Part of the reason for that is my poor little guy is sick again, just a cold but he's miserable, and didn't sleep well, and was up about 2 and half hours earlier then normal. I'm waiting for him to crash. It's probably going to happen soon, and I'm going to have to crash with him, because I just know he'll be waking up a bunch during the night. So anyway, I had to take a tired and listless little manto Sam's club and the grocery store with me. then I filled the truck up. came home and unloaded it all. didn't have much time to get dinner made before Ian had to get up for work and then I botched the first batch of noodles. so you can see my day's been a bit tiring. BUT. I'm home with my little man more, and that's a good thing. We're acclimating pretty well, we just need to get more a routine and we'll be moving right along.
So here's to many more days in paradise- maybe minus the flubbed noodles and the sniffles.


Anonymous said...

Well hopefully Aidan will be feeling better really soon! You too mom!


Meghan said...

Hope the little guy is feeling up to snuff!!!

Jodi said...

Hope that Aidan feels better soon and you both get some sleep.