Sunday, November 19, 2006

Git 'R Dun!!!

That's me, Getting it Done!
I'm done shopping for Aidan's Birthday and my job as Santa's Helper for my little guy is done as well. Picked up the big one today. In another month or so I'll be dining at the newest hot spot in my neighborhood, Chez McB's. I'll have a major in with the Chef in training, Chef Aidan. That's right I just got my fry-guy a kitchen set up. One day some lucky girl will thank me when she marries my Aidan and he knows his way around a kitchen and knows how to cook (and I do NOT mean how to work the microwave either)!
I'm basically done for Ian as well, just have 2 things to pick up when they come back in stock.
Dan is done. Kev is almost done, just need to get one more small thing (which I still need to decide what that small thing will be).
Mom is done, just need to finish making it.
My Godmother's present is taken care of, I just need to make it.
I picked up an unfinished wooden tray that I'm going to decorate that will be our special christmas tray for cookies and milk for Santa. Will take pictures of that when it's done. Also stopped at work to get my check and pic up some paper to cover my wooden letters that I'm going to use in this year's christmas pictures. Will post them when I'm done.
We've got some re-arranging to do, need space for the new kitchen we got for Aidan and we need somewhere to put the tree. This should be interesting. But it can be done! I will succeed. Monday hopefully I can wrap everything but the kitchen set (because it is just to big, that and I had to take it out of the box in order to get it in the truck. I love the Step2 line of toys, they're very sturdy, but good grief the boxes are HUGE!!!!
I love the fact that other then a trip to the mall tomorrow to get Aidan's picture taken with the fat guy in a red suit I won't have to go near the mall again until after christmas!!! WOOOOHOOOO! That is a beautiful thing. All I need to do it go to Borders and use up the holiday cash I earned during the year, and that's it! Will probably get some christmas books for the little guy since I don't think any of Ian's or my books are due out before my holiday cash expires.
I am just so thrilled to be pretty much done. I feel as though I've accomplished something. Tomorrow I have to take the truck for it's 30k mile maint. and take Aidan for his picture, and then I may let him visit w/ Nana and Grandma for a little bit so I can wrap the goods.
Santa's Elf over and out!


Awesome Abby said...

Wow, aren't you on the ball!?!? Yesterday, I bought ANna a present and one for Anndee. Last night on the computer, I bought Monna some vintage pink dishtowels for her someday-pink-kitchen. That's it. Geesh. Hope to talk to you sometime soon!

skrpndiva said...

Wow Fe, I can't believe you are done. I thought I was doing well by having four of my eight gifts done. These all need to be completed by my annual Christmas party given the first Saturday in December which is next weekend.