Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aidan's 4 year checkup...

went really well. My little guy was so good, hopped up on the scale to be measured and weighed, got his blood pressure taken (with a little mini blood pressure cuff, which was just too stinking cute, LOL), had his temp checked and all the normal stuff. He's doing great, doctor said to watch his weight, but didn't actually say he is over weight. Aidan had to get 3 shots this time, and he took it like a champ, no tears or anything. He was AWESOME. The nurse asked him if he wanted a lollipop and some stickers since he was so good, and his response, in his excited, cheerful voice was "Well, SURE!!", totally as if he was doing her a favor! She got a big kick out of him. He's such a good kid. We're slowly but surely getting closer to being totally potty trained, he's had a few accidents but it's expected right?. My little guy was laying on the floor next to me just now, coloring, while I checked my e-mail and I look down and he's knocked out, totally snoring, I think those shots finally caught up with him.
He helped me wrap some christmas presents last night and helped me pack and mail a gift this morning. He's a good helper. Each day I'm amazed by what he can do. He's constantly learning something new. Just these last 2 weeks he's been putting his own gloves on, with no help. He dresses himself. Helps gather stuff to make PB&J sandwiches. Helps put things away. He's pretty good at rinsing the dishes too (supervised of course). He's just an amazing little man. You just gotta love him!

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