Friday, December 08, 2006

Trimming the Tree

This is the first time we've put up a tree since I was pregnant with Aidan, and since he'll be four tomorrow that means it's been 4 years! This should be interesting since Aidan has been driving me right up the wall asking me "are we gonna put up the tree today?" for the last 2 weeks. I appeased him the other day by going up and getting out the wreath for the front door (which I decorated myself when I was in high school, musical instruments and various other christmas-y things, it's lovely if I do say so myself...and it is still to this day the best thing to come out of my high school years!) Will post pictures of the tree in the next post first I must make myself somewhat presentable (as I'm still in my pjs!). The baby and I put all the ornaments on and it is one mighty full tree!
It seems we've got several themes going over the years that these have been collected. There are ornaments that were mine, ornaments that were Ian's, and then of course there were ornaments that were "ours" and now there are Aidan's, too. I've discovered I must have a thing for penguins, as I bought a penguin ornament at the Zoo two summers ago, and bought three yesterday, one for each of us and each different, and there are several others that have accumulated over the years. Then of course there was the year of the snowmen-we've tons of those! Then there are lots of looney tunes ones, Taz for me and Marvin for Ian. Lots of Disney, gobs and gobs of bells in various shapes and sizes, including santas! Too many snowflakes to count! And then the year Aidan was born and the ones that followed there were plenty of Pooh! So we have QUITE an assortment. All special, and really they makes for a pretty tree! Even if it does seem as if it should tumble over from the sheer volume of decoration!
So, pictures to come soon!

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