Saturday, December 09, 2006

Some funny random shots

I took these myself of Aidan and me while we were waiting for Daddy so we could put the birthday boy to bed. It's been a big day for the little man. He turned four and mommy put him in big boy underwear all day. It went really well, no accidents. He's such a good boy, and he tries so hard. We even went out in public with no accidents! How awesome is my little man?!?!? I think we'll probably put him in an overnight pull-up bcause I don't think it'll do him any good to have an accident at night, I think it would set him back. We'll wait a few days and see if he wakes up dry for a few days running, if so I think it'll be onto underwear at night and a big boy bed.
Gotta run up and put the little guy to bed, without further ado here are pictures of Momma and her little boo!

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Awesome Abby said...

I love these! It's so apparant how much love you have for each other by looking at these! Glad the potty training is going good...keep it up! :)