Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Baking

I started out on Friday with all the baking and stuff. I attempted fudge, this did not go well! I thought it was going well, left it to cool down to 110 degrees before the final beating and let me tell you it got as hard as a rock before it even cooled down! HOLY COW! This was after 1 email and 4 or 5 calls to my darling mother in law, who by the way is infinitely patient with all my questions (because lets face it I'm clueless in the kitchen, but I'm learning). Anyway we had a jolly good laugh at my fudge (which included me tapping the top of it with my wooden spoon so she could hear how hard it was and my father in law in the background telling me to get a jack hammer! thanks dad LOL). It felt good to laugh. I may try to make the fudge again tomorrow, we'll see how everything else goes.
Saturday we made these fantastic wreath and candy cane shaped cookies, they are awesome! We probably ended up with 2 or 3 dozen of those. We also made Mamaw's cinnamon rolls. (Mom they came out great, Ian just said if I was going to do anything different put more cinnamon and sugar). We mixed up the dough to make gingerbread Saturday as well (it had to chill over night).
So today we mixed the dough for the sugar cookies, and while that was chilling we cut the first batches of gingerbread. Then we cute the first pans of sugar cookies and we kept alternating between the two, while one was chilling we'd cut the next batch of the other. These cookies worked out really well together because they cook at the same temperature, just different amount of time. We ended up with about 5 dozen sugar cookies and probably 4 or more dozen of the ginger bread. They both came out great!!
Now tomorrow, I'm just got to make the crescent rolls (from scratch because the store bought have the stuff we're trying to avoid in them) and dinner. And possibly the fudge. Let me tell you my KitchenAid stand mixer just got a big work out ( and on it virgin run too)!!
Even though I've enjoyed the baking and stuff this year I think I'll be very glad when the holidays are over. Aidan was a total monster yesterday and today. Threats of no presents from Santa don't even work, he just keeps being a stinker. He broke another one of my ornaments today, one I just got a couple of weeks ago. Then he tried to hide the piece he broke off, which just totally ticked me off.

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