Monday, October 30, 2006

So yesterday was a first for me!

Not a good first, not a nice first. But a "REALLY pissed me off first". I was driving home from work and it sounded like something hit the car. I figured maybe a rock popped up, you can't do anything about that. So I kept on going the last few blocks to the house, got out to check the car where I thought I heard the impact. And do you want to know what really hit my car? Well I'll tell you!!! It was an EGG!!!!!!!!! WTF is that all about!!! Who eggs random people going by? What year is it? I mean you would think this we be old by now. I mean I don't remember people doing it anymore when I was in H.S. why would it be making a come back? This pissed me off....

For a couple of reasons-

1.- If I had been an inexperienced driver and they had missed their aim on my moving vehicle and hit the windshield they could have caused a serious accident.

2. Egg is not good for your paint job. I haven't had this truck for 2 years yet, I really don't want it looking all ghetto just because I practically live in the ghetto.

3.- It's just plain ignorant for some jack ass to sit outside and hurl what could have potentially been their breakfast this morning at other unsuspecting people.

So me being the upstanding citzen that I am i called the village police (non-emergency of course) and let them have a piece of my mind about this. Last I heard they sent a squad car to the scene of the crime.

And on that happy note I'll post again tomorrow. Hopefully lots of great pictures of the little man's first time trick or treating. and with his GIRLFRIENDS none the less! That's what he calls Ashley and Dana...his girlfriends. I wonder if it's to soon to sit down and have a little talk to him about how it's a bad idea to be "dating" 2 girls at once, especially when they're sisters?

Later Taters

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