Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Day

New month, new me? I got up at about 8:30 am. this is totally new to me. so used to working 2nd shift and not getting up until noon. I start at 1 today, I'm excited and nervous, and really hoping this all goes smooth.

on another note, here is a layout (digital) that I did for a scraplift challenge here (my layout is below) the layout I chose to scraplift is here. Not really sure if I like how it came out but I can always change it later. I've got so much to learn about digi scrapping.

Off I go to eat something before I get the little guy ready for Grandma's house and I go to work.

Blessings to all!


Saskia said...

Hi Felicia,

Thank you so much for participating in our scraplift challenge at Addicted to Digital. You may not be sure you like this layout, but I am sure that I do!! It's wonderful. Your layouts really don't look like you're a beginner at all. Great job!!


Saskia (sasbok) said...

Hi Felicia,

Thank you for participating in Addicted To Digital's first scraplift challenge. You were the very first! Now you may not like your own layout all that much (very recognizable feeling by the way!) but I know that I do! It's beautiful. Your layouts don't look like you are a beginner at all. Great job!!

Awesome Abby said...

I love this layout. It's very trendy....the collage thing going on in the middle of the page seems to be very popular and a look I love. Kudos to you for scraplifting; i find it very hard to do.

CONGRATS again on the job...adn the new you.....I'm excited to see where this new stage of your life takes you! (and to be on closer to the same hours so we can yak more!)

Saskia said...

sorry for the double post here! I thought my first one had vanished and it wasn't until after the second try that I realized you had to approve it!