Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lazy Day

The Andrew chapter of my life is over. It was bittersweet leaving. There are a handful of people that I will miss. But I'm going to consider this a new beginning and try not to get to sad about the people I'm leaving behind.
Ian and I had a lovely date. We went to Connie's Pizza at about 4pm, the place was mostly empty so it was really nice. Quiet, we could actually talk and hear each other. The food was great. They make the best bread, which they bring out with a bottle of olive oil. Fantastic stuff. From there we went looking for a rocking chair. Couldn't find one at any of the big furniture stores. The sales people of course tried to sell us gliders. But that's not what I wanted. Then I remembered a new store called the Amish Furniture Shoppe. And this was the first time we went in there and they have some beautiful furniture! Including rockers! All but one was already sold, and the one that wasn't sold was made for a skinner person then I am. So, I asked if they'll be getting more in and it turns out that they have 2 in there warehouse which they're going to bring to the store and I can pick one of those. I'm so excited, these chairs are gorgeous. Then we went to Sears and picked me up two more pairs of pants for my new job and some nice warm fall/winter PJs. We stopped at blockbuster and got a couple of movies and home we came. A lovely evening all in all!

This morning Ian is sleeping in, he stayed up until morning (just like what his shift will be at work) and has the alarm set for 4pm. The little man and I had a nice lazy morning consisting of eating a bowl of cereal a piece and of sitting on the couch watching Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Now we might scrap a little more of Daddy's book. Then when Daddy gets up we're going to go grocery shopping since tomorrow is my first day at the store.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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