Monday, September 18, 2006

Who needs popcorn...

when Aidan will eat diced green peppers and celery with the same gusto? I was chopping the green peppers and celery for a pot of chili and up pops my little man. He climbs right on up and is munching them like it was a bowl of popcorn. I had to have Ian grab the camera and snap a picture. What a ham! Then I had to steal the bowl away otherwise he would have kept right on going and there would have been none for the chili. Speaking of chili it sure does look and smell good! I just love making chili, it's so colorful with the peppers and celery for green, the kidney beans for red, and the corn for yellow. Love love love this stuff. Can hardly wait to get myself into a nice normal schedule so I can start cooking and Ian can have yummy left overs for lunch instead of turkey sandwiches everyday (not that he ever complains).
I'm so totally excited about this new job, I'm not as worried now as I had been. We probably would have been alright without me getting another job, but it would have been really tight, this way we've got some breathing room. Plus I just know this job is going to be great! I can hardly wait to start!

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skrpndiva said...

That's great. I wish my kids ate vegetables like that. My daughter will eat them, but my son will not...with the exception, of all things, brocolli. Loves the stuff.