Saturday, September 02, 2006

Feeling better and some news

Got a call from my MIL about half an hour after I got up today, what a wonderful way to start the day. Talking to her always makes me happy (I know lots of people don't like there in-laws, but I lucked out and got the best ones out there)!
I'm feeling better today, most of the allergy/sinus thing has cleared up. The cut at the corner of my mouth is doing better. I'm sure it won't be long and I'll get to go back and finish up with the dentist.


I'm sure everyone knows that work has been talking about going to 24/7 shifts (12 hour shifts). This is totally not cool and we totally can't both do it. They finally decided when they're going to start them. D-day is October 1st! Ian will be staying on and working from 6:30pm-6:30am (He's up these hours anyway with school work so it will work out ok for him, shouldn't mess up his sleeping or anything). I will be turning in my resignation (officially) this week. I'll have to keep looking for a part time job, and we've tossed around the idea of me taking some classes to do medical billing. I think we're going to be fine, I keep telling myself this.
In a way I've been looking forward to this, I really would like to be a morning person, but that's just not possible working second shift. So I'll have some adjusting to do , getting myself used to waking up in the morning, and getting Aidan adjusted. Hopefully we can finish up this potty training thing (any suggestions are welcome). And then we can start thinking about preschool. Here's to a new chapter our lives, hopefully it's a good one!

Funny little story
We have lots of computer games for Aidan, and he uses Ian's old computer for most of them, but a few won't run on it, so Ian will sit him on his lap and let him play on his (Ian's comp is set up with 2 monitors for can play WarCraft on one and do everything else on the other LOL..sorry babe your secret is out!). So anyway this morning Ian goes to load a game on Aidan's computer and it very slow, and Ian comments that maybe we should think about upgrading so the baby can have a faster computer. Do you know what Aidan said to that with much glee? " maybe we can make me one with two screens like yours!" Is this Ian's kid or what? I'm doomed to a house full of techies I think! Oh well, I've got my very own GeekSquad!

Much love everyone!

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