Wednesday, October 04, 2006

For those wondering how the 1st day went

It has been a few days since I posted but that is because it has taken some time (and will take another week or so) getting used to being a day person; still have some adjusting to do! I really am enjoying working at the store, I have a lot to learn, but oh the emotions I feel working there. The joy at being in a happy, positive environment. Working with other people who enjoy the same things that I do. The agony of seeing all the cool new things that come out and having to stop myself from scooping them all up. The joy out-weighs the agony though so I can't complain. The ladies that I've worked with so far have been great. So nice, and patient. Working with the customers is great too, I really do believe I was cut out for retail. I just love working with the people.
My little guy is adjusting pretty well. The first night (and last night too, but not as much as the first night) he cried a bit because he missed his daddy. It didn't help that it stormed most of the night. I got him down to bed at about 8:40 pm and came back down to watch a movie before I went to sleep. I finished watching my movie and went up to bed and that's when the storm really picked up, it woke my fry guy up and he didn't want to go back to sleep, took almost 2 hours to get him down again. He kept asking me if I was ready to get up yet. LOL, what a kid. Once he was a sleep it took me a little while to fall asleep myself. I had trouble falling asleep last night also. I just sleep better when Ian is home. He's home tonight and tomorrow, so HIP HIP HOORAY for a good night's sleep tonight. I've worked the last two days from 10am-4pm and tomorrow I work 12p-6pm. Then I'm off a couple of days. I really do think this is going to work out great. I'm home more, which once I get myself settled into a routine I'll be able to get more stuff done. I even made dinner a couple of times this week. I'm probably going to be getting my money's worth out of my crock pot since we're both on such odd schedules . I really like being able to get things done during the week. Instead of having to cram all the errands that come up into Saturdays I can do one or two each day during the week and it makes things much easier.
Ian has worked 2 shifts this week, and is doing pretty good. But then we figured he would do okay since he was usually up those hours anyway. If anything he is probably getting more sleep now then he used to! Which is not a bad thing by any means.
Here's to more good days ahead!

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skrpndiva said...

As soon as you get used to your schedule, I'm sure you'll sleep just fine!