Thursday, August 10, 2006

Home again

Home again because my face hurts, I've got major problems with my teeth, I'm a bit phobic about dentists, but I hurt so bad I could claw my face off! Waiting for the dentist to call in antibiotic and something for the pain, then I'm to call back on monday for an appointment. Can you say double root canal (holy cow that's scary to me!!!!) and an abcess (how ever it is spelled that is what's causing me the pain right now). I got no sleep last night at all it was hurting me so bad. I went to work just to realize that I could not handle being there while in this kind of pain. This sucks so bad.


skrpndiva said...

My dh just had an abcess and three fillings and needs a whole lot of work done and like you he is a bit leary when it comes to dentistry! Hang in there kiddo.

Laurie Shea said...

Sorry to hear about your teeth. I know how it feels. I had to have my morlars pulled about a year ago.