Sunday, August 27, 2006

Complications (let the whining commence)

I went for my double root canal and everything else and guess what? I'm not done, she wasn't able to finish the second one, I was there from 11 am until after 5. I have a very small mouth and she was having trouble getting to part of one of them and we were all very tired, my face was so tired from having to try to open wider. So I have a temporary filling in one, and have to go back on Tuesday so she can finish that and do the build ups for both crowns and pull the rest of that broken tooth. and then I go back for the crowns them selves and to finish the deep gum cleaning. She also mentioned that she's going to have to do some kind of surgery, will have to talk to her about that as I don't remember what she said it was. And to top all of this off I think I have a sinus infection. My nose has been running like a faucet for days, and my head has felt stuffy, and my sinuses have been draining into my ears (which I hate). I hadn't thought I was sick (I thought it was allergies) because everything was clear and lets face it I've been on some sort of antibiotic for 2 and half weeks now. But this morning stuff wasn't clear any more, it was almost glow in the dark green! so not cool. I just feel miserable. The corner of my mouth hurts (and is raw) from stretching it open so far and I've been blowing my nose so much that I'm sure it will start peeling soon. sigh.
We had our company family outing yesterday at Brookfield Zoo. We only went for about 2 and half hours, couldn't get up and moving any earlier then that ( really do feel like crap, and didn't think we'd get the chance to go again this year) . But we had a nice time, the weather wasn't to hot and Aidan walked the whole time except for on the way back to the car, he was just a tired little man, zonked out before we were in the car for 5 minutes it seemed.

That's about it, will update again soon.

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