Thursday, January 18, 2007

My little guy...

has been sick since Tuesday. He knocked out early on me Tuesday, and then had a bit of a cough yesterday before I went to work. He got to coughing so hard at grandma's house that he threw up. poot little man! so then I bring him home and he feels warm to me, so I check his temp and he's at 103.3! so I call the pediatrician and tell him all his symptoms, he told me to give him Robitussin DM and tylenol. I call my god-mother to see if she can go out and get them for me because I didn't want to have to bundle him up to take him out since daddy was at work. I give him both meds and his fever goes down and we finish our night and I put him to bed. He wakes me up at 1 am (not quite 2 hours after I went to bed) and he's wheezing and hacking and scaring me HALF TO DEATH! He finally coughs up some really gross stuff, and the wheezing calms (a tiny amount) and I call Ian and tell him what's going on. I give the baby more medicine and he settles down to sleep in my bed. still wheezing. Which meant I totally couldn't sleep because I was nervous about the way he sounded. I kept propping him up on the pillows so he could breathe better. Ian stayed up (and is staying home from work tonight) because I had to go into work. Aidan is totally not wanting to take the medicine and if he doesn't start coughing up more of this stuff I may have to make him an appointment with doctor tomorrow. So here's to hoping he starts sounding and feeling better super quick.

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