Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy NSD!

I hope everyone had a great National Scrapbooking Day. I behaved and didn't spend, lol. I've been working behind the scenes at DDD to get ready for some post-NSD fun. I've been dabbling in digital design. I've made several little kits. I'm no pro, but I thought they were cute. I'm on the Creative Team for Ashley who owns the site. She's been mighty busy lately, and hasn't had a lot of time to spend there (that happens when you add a new little person to the family) and the rest of the team (Tina and Irene- hi girls!) and I have been trying to keep things hopping there. So we decided we'd make a HUGE digital kit, and give a few pieces of it away each day (starting on the 7th- we figured we'd give everyone a chance to recover from the over load of NSD). So here's a sneak peak of the kit, keep in mind this is just a teaser, this kit is huge! I should know I split up the downloads-insert big grin here.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Fe,
I'm so excited about our kit!
Can't wait to see the reactions of the people who download it.
Hugs, Irene