Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lots going on

So much going on around here (or at least it seems that way to my frazzled self!)
My last real post I was sick with a sinus infection, for the most part it is gone, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that it trying to come back.
With the coming fall weather my little guy's nose bleeds are a little more frequent again.
Our van died. it is no more. it's not resting. it's not pining for the fjords! this van is deceased! (that's a little Monty Python humor for my darling hubby) The repairs that it was going to need this time were just to much for us. So I had it towed away this morning. That leaves us with one vehicle. We've put a lot of thought it to and I've given my two weeks notice at work (although they've offered to let me be a casual employee- which I have to give some more thought to and talk it over with Ian). Between the cost of fuel, the amount I end up spending there (because lets face it I'm WEAK and I just love scrappy stuff) and the amount I actually bring home, we're going to be better off with me not working. Plus we'll be saving money on our insurance since we've gotten rid of the van.
This will leave more time for straightening things out here at home, making this house into an actual HOME -since we don't know when we'll be able to move. It's time to make the most of what we have.
I'm looking forward to being able to get to know my little boy better and hopefully work on some of his aggressive-ness. I want to start home schooling him now, haven't had time before (not that this means he's behind, because he would have missed the cut off for kindergarten this year anyway).
I'm hoping I'll be able to cook more, and bake more, and scrap more. I need to learn a bit more about what's going to make us all happier. I have a feeling a happier momma will make a happier daddy and Aidan too.
As much as I've loved this job, it's been super stressful too. Which I honestly didn't expect. I've been working more days then I wanted to though and haven't had the time that I thought going to part time was going to get me. SO big changes are on the horizon.
We're taking the little man to his first concert tonight. Weird Al is coming through again and we managed to get tickets. He's been bouncing about for days he's so excited! Sadly though this venue doesn't allow cameras. So I'll take a picture of the boys in their Weird Al shirts and do a page with that and the tickets.
More to come soon!


Scrappy Moments said...

Oh Fe, I'm so sorry to here this about your van , but sounds like some very postive changes ahead for you, good luck with exploring your new horizons. Good luck on having more time to scrap and cook and bake too. I am a sahm and still there is not enough time in the day,lol.

Have fun at the Weird al concert, he is so great!


Wild World of Scrap said...

Congrats on the SAHM deal Fe! I hope all goes well for you. I know how grateful I am to have been able to be with my little guy despite the medical reasons I may be here. It's been such a huge blessing!