Sunday, May 28, 2006


This month has been a month of changes. We've been eating healthy-no take out of any kind since May 1st, holy cow! We've made a budget and are in the process of finalizing said budget. We want very much for me to quit working and stay home, hopefully only having to work part time. We're close, I think we'll be fine. But I'm going to ride this stinky job until they say we're going on 12 hour shifts so that we can save my buy another house. I know you're thinking how we've talked and talked and talked about moving from this wretched house. Our plans have changed so many times.. we've had ups and we've had downs. If you had asked us last month what our plans were we would have said they we were going to do some more work on this, ride it out until we can move to the east coast. It seemed like the water problem in the basement was fixed...okay...fixed again... Well this week Ian went down there and lo and behold there was a little lake in one corner of the basement. We've decided, seriously this time, that we have to move. There is no definite date of when we'll get to move to East, we're tired of the stress of this house, the never knowing what is going to happen next. The weather has been fabulous the last few days, it would have been great to be able to open the windows, but we still can't do that, we need new ones, ones with screens. I was forced to put the air on yesterday, it was just so bloody hot in here. The spiders are getting ridiculous. Doing laundry is still a pain, we've got to take the cover off the main line, thread the hose over to, do the laundry while enduring the awful smell, then close the pipe back up. And good grief but this neighborhood sucks. This is a close to a ghetto as I ever want to be. There are times when it seems ok, like when it's quiet, but since we've gotten new neighbors that are way louder then the last neighbors it just sucks even more. I mean who sits the dark of night...talking so loud on their cell phone that people can here them in their houses..with the windows closed...and the fans on to stay cool while the roast in a closed in space...the answer : our new neighbors. We're just so tired...of it all. We need more space, we need more bedrooms on the same floor, we need something better. So we're going to save for a down payment, and start packing things up they we don't need out right now, and in a few months see if we can sell this one and find something else. Please God let this work itself out.


skrpndiva said...

Good luck Fe!

Cynthia's Husband said...

I totally know what you mean. Cynthia and I were in a 1100 square ft two bedroom condo with loud neighbors and I was working two jobs. It really sucked when my kids came to visit because it felt like I was a giant in a doll house. Trust me. You WILL get there and all of the work you are doing now will be oh so worth it.

Awesome Abby said...

I'll be praying for you to find the perfect house, K?