Thursday, May 25, 2006

My brother Kevin

I am so very blessed to have two wonderful brothers (in-law technically). I put my Danny in the last post because I was awe-struck at how grown up he's becoming. Well it seems my Kevin is changing as well. The anniversary party for Grandma and Grandpa Kalicki was a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't go but Kristy sent pictures. (Thanks Kristy) I was scrolling through them trying to see how much everyone has changed since last we saw them. All the kids are getting so big. Anyway there I was looking through them and I kept saying where is Kevin? I went through them a few times (skipping over one picture because I didn't recgonize the guy in the picture- and you can guess where this is going). Finally I enlarged the picture of the guy I didn't recognize and holy cow!!!KEVIN!!!!??!!!! I sat there gaping. This was no longer the teenager..or the college student that I knew this was a picture of a man, no longer a boy. Time flies so fast. Kevin I've always thought you had a bit of a baby face, and that's not a bad thing! But I think that the whiskers suit you. Although I did tell Ian that now you look like the older brother! LOL!. He then asked if I wanted him to let his grow out again! Keep smiling Kevin, things will get better and just think soon we'll be there to visit, I can tease you in person about those whiskers and see for myself if you're actually laughing at my bad jokes or just pretending!
I told you I'd make you immortal on my blog so here come the before and after pictures. Kevin when I first met him 1999 and Kevin the man in May of 2006!

Never forget that you are very much so loved by all of us!

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Awesome Abby said...

WHAT a change! I see Ian in that top picture. I see a HUNK in the bottom one. (NOT that Ian is not a hunk, LOL...but you know what I mean.) WoWzErS!!! If only I were single...and younger.