Sunday, May 14, 2006

Funny Danny story

First off holy cow Danny is 14....he was 6 the first time I met him (here he is as I'll always remember him) and now he's 14!!!! I have a feeling this means I'm getting old. But I digress. Here's what happened: The phone rang today, and I pick it up. and I swear it sounded like someone asked to speak to "Danny Isk-i-in" (in my head I'm thinking wow what a last name) I say to the adolescent on the other end of the phone "you have the wrong number". I almost hung up! the person on the phone says "is this Felicia?" and so now I'm totally weirded out. I'm thinking I don't know any teenage boys. I say "yes???" he says (slower then the first time) "this is Danny, can I talk to Ian" and a lightbulb goes on. Ian's baby brother, holy cow get a load of the voice... I eventually put Ian on the phone to help Danny with some research for a paper at school but wow I'm still goggling at the fact that my Danny is 14 and his voice has definitely changed. This is the first little boy I've witnessed growing up. I missed it with Kevin (mom says that his never really cracked and neither did Ian's) but wow...Danny ...I totally didn't recognize you.

here's a picture from Christmas of our future rock star!! Play those drums Danny boy, play those drums! (just don't forget to hide them when we come to visit unless you plan on sharing with Aidan! LOL) Love you kiddo!! Just do me a favor and stop growing up so fast!

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Awesome Abby said...

GEEZ...more changing. amazing what 6 years will do, eh? I hear that, too, when my Kevin answers the phone..such a low, grown-up voice now...Where did my baby go?