Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Here are three new layouts (digi)
Marcia and Harry at Tom and Jen’s wedding
My hubby’s parents at his cousin’s wedding. (let it be known that my father in law is a real stinker when it comes to taking pictures, he usually sticks out his tongue!)
Layout Credits: Template is a Jumpstart by AmyW. Kit used is Heirloom Orchid by Ashley Bailey of digitaldivasdesigns.
Font used is Chaucer

These are pictures of me taken in our 2nd apartment. I’m going to guess they were taken in 2001, because it looks like we had just moved in. The pictures aren’t that great (the camera we had at the time wasn’t fantastic). These are just about the only picture of me alone; I’m a bit camera shy!
Layout Credits: I started with a Template by RubyQHammer. The papers and elements are from “Spring Is Sprung” by Ashley Bailey of
Font Credits: Selfish

This is a picture of my husband’s mom and aunts when they were younger.
Layout Credits: Herbal Garden Kit by Ashley Bailey
Template1 from Kwikplate2 set
Font Credits: Times new roman, Trajan Pro

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Ruby said...

Thank you for sending the link the see the layout. I see that you used many things from DDD, you must be participating in the upload contest. Good luck with that.