Monday, July 21, 2008


So, I've been on this...what would you call it? oh hell, I don't know what to call it. I've been on a kick I guess you could say, yeah we'll call it a kick, lol. I've been on this kick where I've been making things from scratch. I'm doing it for several reasons.
1- I like knowing what my family is eating, doing it this way there are no weird ingredients.
2- if I make it from scratch there isn't all that extra packaging, and it's actually cheaper most of the time.
3- I really enjoy it!
So I've done several things from scratch recently. I did Italian bread a month or so ago, and of course there were the donuts (I totally need to make some more of those!). And most recently I made homemade bagels. they came out totally yummy! and were super easy to make!
These are pictures of them fresh from the oven! and oh! oh! OH! are they good with my homemade jam on them!


Jodi said...

Them look so good!

Kathy Carr said...

Oh yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have your recipe for Italian bread (my hubby is Italian and loves it from the store) and the homemade bagels! Pretty please?