Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Precious

This is a picture of Aidan and Nanny, when he was 7 months old. This was taken during out first trip with him to NJ. We were at the 4th of July BBQ at Aunt Linda's. Aidan was such a good baby, he would pretty much sit with anyone, very easy going. And over the years I've always been so impressed with how well he adapts while on vacation, he remembers everyone's names, and always plays so nicely with Nanny. He's pretty special too, he's the first Great Grandbaby on the McB side of the family, and the second on the K side. Aidan's is very lucky to have 3 out of 4 great grandparents in his life, not to mention having the best Grammy and Grandpa in the whole world. He's a very loved little boy.
Any way...I've always loved this picture of Nanny and Aidan, it's just so sweet!

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Jodi said...

Great page! Love the crinkle notebook paper for this one.