Monday, July 21, 2008

Doing the Can-Can

Canning that is! So I'm totally new to canning. I've been researching it online for months and bought one of the "for Dummies" books about it. and a couple of weeks ago I gave it a shot. I went over to my mom's house to do it (our stove is one of those glass top ones, and the canning pot can't be used on it). So Our first day of canning we made Dill Pickles (we ended up with 9 quart sized jars, 7 of spears, and 2 of slices for burgers and such) and we made strawberry jam (11 8 ounce jars). The jam came out so good! I was so proud of us (my mama Vee helped). We're still waiting to taste the pickles, you have to let them sit so the flavor can soak in, we've got to wait for a couple more weeks for those.

Flash back to last Wednesday, we gave it another go. While searching for recipes before I came across a couple for strawberry rhubarb jam. Now I'd had never had rhubarb, I knew that I had heard of pie made from it though so I figured it must be pretty yummy, lol. So when we went to the farmers market the previous weekend I saw some great looking rhubarb, picked up some of that, and then we got some organic strawberries at the grocery store. Well this jam....let me tell you...whew! it is SOOOOOOOOOOO good. I have a new favorite! seriously! why don't they sell this kind in stores? I mean, it is such a wonderful combination! I'm eating some of it on toast as I sit here, and it is just fantabulous! We made 9 jars of the stuff and I have a feeling we're going to need to make more!

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Jodi said...

My mother cans alot of things. She does pickled okra, makes, salsa, and relish. Plus some other things that I can not think of. I have helped her make the salsa and relish. I have canned spear pickles too. Glad that you are having fun canning and find new recipes to use.