Wednesday, January 18, 2006


We have two working toilets again! Ok, I know what you're thinking, who on earth would want to hear about my bathroom problems. Well, I can't help but be proud of Ian for fixing the problem by himself! Way to go babe! See the problem was that the toilet downstairs (the one by the way that gets used the most) was leaking from between the bowl and the tank. I can hear you handy people out there saying "That's easy to fix", but being first time home owners (who are slowly accquiring the collection of tools needed to do minor home repairs) and having zero know-how in the plumbing department (or any other home repair department for that matter) you gotta give us credit for being able to fix it without having to call in a plumber. Now... computer problems we've got that covered, our house has it's own "Geek Squad"; my Ian can figure out just about anything with a computer!
So what job shall the McBrides of IL tackle next? the answer: Operation Get the Van running! Stay tuned.

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Awesome Abby said...

handy indeed! while j can do all these things, if not for him, i would be paying people to do them for me as I am SO NOT HANDY. Good for you two for figuring it out!