Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ian is turning out to be a...

Jack of All Trades! We now have 2 running vehicles again. It did only turn out to be the battery on the van that was the problem. So last Saturday I went and picked him up a set of sockets w/ a ratchet (insert that strange noise that Tim the Tool man Taylor makes here). More Tools! I seem to remember a time when you disconnected the battery, lifted it out put in the next. Well let me tell ya, they bolt the suckers in now! you have to have a socket and ratchet. I think it could very well be a conspiracy by the tool industry! Anyway so Ian got the old dead battery out just fine, we go get the new one, come back,start to put it in. Ian goes to hook the negative side back up and the alarm starts wailing! ok disconnect that again!, go in the house find the remote (we haven't used it in ages, even when the van was running), discover that there is no battery in it, run out get a battery, come back try again. Success! Just call him Ian the Toolman/Geek Squad McBride! That's my guy.The van started right up! Thank goodness! Especially considering we have to get the truck to the dealership by 7:45 am tomorrow (what an awful hour to have to face the day when you work 2nd shift).
Which brings me to my newest RANT! What is with the car dealership? They don't have service department hours on Saturday, and Monday -Friday it's only open 7 -3. Does the entire planet revolve around 1st shift people? And further more, I asked the dealership, since this visit is to repair 2 (yes that's right 2!) recalls, if they would give us a courtesy car and they said NO! arg, why not? "they don't do that" What kind of nonsense is that? I mean you recall something on the car, and then you're going to leave me without a car for the ENTIRE day and not give me something else to drive? what's that all about. Thankfully we got the van to start (even if it is the eleventh hour). Hopefully we'll be able to come back home and get some sleep. We've taken the day off of work for this mess, maybe we'll get some other stuff accomplished too! Wish us luck!

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Awesome Abby said...

Go Ian! Go Ian!!!!!