Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I really like to bake, but....

I really suck at the presentation part. Let's take tonight for example shall we? Yes, let's! I organized (single-handedly) a dinner to celebrate thanksgiving with the 20 people in our immediate area. Being as I work with mostly men, who as a general rule are not very, how should I put it? lets say kitchen capable, that's good kitchen capable. oh and most of these guys are just too lazy to cook, anyway, I digress, most are helping pay for the catering, (roast beef, italian suasage, and some sides), but the rest of us are bringing things in. Well tomorrow before work I'm going to make lasagna, and tonight, ahead of time (yay me) I made a double layer chocolate cake and 3 oreo cream pies (one of which is for home :^) ). Well the pies are simple, no bake, they always come out great, ya kinda can't mess that up, but the cake....well... I thought that I was doing really well, I put it in to bake, started on the pies, was done with one and starting on the second when the cake was done, so I take out the cake and let it cool, go back finish making other 2 pies.. cake is cool, great! slide them out of the pans, easy peasy. go to frost them and they are just falling apart...I say to myself "what the____ (fill in the blank) and just add more frosting... this cake looks terrible. All I have to say is those bozos at work better eat every bit of it! OY! Did I mention that I was doing all of this between 1:30 and 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!! I had to wait until Aidan was in bed otherwise it would never have gotten done. oh well, better luck next time. maybe the next one will come out right. I have the worse luck with frosting cakes, I don't know what it is that I'm doing wrong but they always taste fine, they just look like hell. :^)


Awesome Abby said...

Wellll..I'd rather something TASTE well than it be easy on the eyes. Remind me in PRIVATE and I'll tell you a frosting story sure to make you laugh!!!! Hope it went over well for ya and everyone ate all the cake up.
You gonna share the Oreo Pie recipe? Sounds good, and I love easy peasy! :)
Sorry, no tips on frosting cakes from me...except...was it completely cooled?

Marcia said...

we can have a 'frosting lesson' when you come for Christmas if you like, we can even let Aidan help (we'll do some cupcakes for him to ice! glad you put the pie recipe here, I lost mine.