Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Little Scrapping Buddy

I have the sweetest little guy (most of the time he is) in the world! He just loves to come and watch mama scrapbook, and it's even better when he gets to help. He just wants so much to be doing what everyone else is doing. When I go shopping for supplies at the craft stores it is virtually impossible for me to escape the store without getting him a couple of small sheets of stickers, because he tells me " I want to scrap with you mommy" . Me being the weakling that I am, I can't say no...well I could I guess, but I don't want to. He's as happy as a clam when given a sheet of white printer paper and some stickers, he just goes to town. Here is a picture from when I finished the layout I did last night. He was getting so tired but he wanted to watch me finish up, and he likes to help me press the pictures down on the page. When I went to take pictures of the layout like I always do he wanted to help hold it up, and there he was being just as cute as he could be so of course I had to take a picture. I just love that sweet face! He's such a lovable little guy, I hope he stays that way. He's inquistive (sometimes aka nosy!), independant, and often times a quirky little man. It seems we're always laughing with this guy around. I'll never forget when he was about 18 months old and he was looking out the dining room window where there was a streetsweeper truck going by, and he turns to look at me with his eyes really big (I guess you could say with his eyes all full of wonder) and he says "Mama, Mama there's a brush outside with a truck on top and it goes like this (he holds his hands over his head and spins in a circle). It was just to funny, I was able to get him to do this a couple more times by asking him to show me again how the brush with the truck on top goes. He was and is just too darn cute sometimes.

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Marcia said...

we do love our Ian don't we! You're right about it all, so now I'm crying because I miss him! :( LOL