Sunday, November 13, 2005

Like Father Like Son

When did my little boy become this little man? In just a few short weeks my little guy is going to be 3, yes you read that correctly...3!!! How is this possible, where did the little squirming bundle wrapped up in a blanket that I brought home from the hospital go? I can't help but think that the years should go slower when children are small, give the parents a chance to try to keep up, to learn more about these little people. Everyday Aidan does something new it seems, sometimes these new things make me want to cry, and sometimes they make it so that you can't help but hold your sides and laugh so hard that you do cry! This child is certainly a little ham. As we were trying to get him to bed last night Aidan suddenly says "welcome to this old house, I'm Aidan and I'm here to fix your wall..where do you need me to fix your wall??" Ian and I just about died laughing, apparantly Aidan must have been watching This Old House at his nana's house because he sounded just like a tv show host. This little boy is just a riot. We finally started to ease him in the direction of bed and suddenly he has to go potty again, so we go potty again (he does next to nothing mind you, but we go.) He and Daddy wash their hands, my little man runs out and says "I want water"....and the game begins, this child will say or do just about anything not to have to go to bed. He's a dirty stay up like his daddy!

Take a look at this picture and tell me who he looks like.... that's right you guessed it, his Daddy. This little man has in my opinion a natural gift, he took to the computer like a duck to water. He has a little mouse that looks like a lady bug, it's just the right size for his little hand. And he picked out his puppy dog mouse pad all by himself. He even plays his games by himself, with his focus being on the game alone...just like his daddy. There are times when, just like daddy, you almost have to drag him away. They both sometimes become deaf and blind to everything but the game. albeit different games, for Ian it's war craft, and for Aidan it's either his lego game or sesame street. Oh, but i sure do love my boys! Video games and all!


Marcia said...

We need him here now! He could help Grandpa with the bathroom wall. We have our own little geek squad, don't we!

Felicia McB said...

OMG that's too funny! our own geek squad, lol! i love it that may just be the title to a future entry. That made my day thanks Mom!
love Felicia