Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sometimes I think my mom is trying to....

put me in the LOONEY BIN. I mean really, she makes me nutso.We've got 4 days off of work for turkey day. And my mom and godmother watch Aidan during the week while we work, well my godmother watches them both, Mom's still not (and probably never will be again) up to watching Aidan by herself. Anyway, she's called everyday to see how Aidan if he just doesn't get the care that he deserves when he's with us....grrrrrrr. She was talking to him on the phone today, and Aidan never holds the phone to his ear the right way so between that and her talking too loud I could hear everything she was saying...She asked him twice if he was OK...why wouldn't he be OK????, that's all I want to know. She makes a huge deal out of not seeing him for a few days. I've given up pointing out how blessed she is to see him as much as she does, I mean with the hours that we work she sees him more then I do. I used to point out to her that she's lucky she sees him this much, I tell her think of Ian's family all the way in NJ. We only get to visit 2 times a year with them right now, and she has the nerve (at least the way I see it) to complain that she's not going to see him for 2 or 3 days. When I drop him off on Mondays after having a whole weekend off she and my godmother behave like it's been 10 years since they're seen him, I mean they fall on him like a pack of wolves, hugging and kissing and "OOOOO we missed you sooooo much" OY!!!!! It's crazy. I guess I'm just over-reacting. But between the "are you OK baby" and "we sure do miss him" when it's only been 48 hours....grrrrr. Hopefully we can move soon and in the mean time hopefully I can start staying home with him instead of having to take him over there every day. I hope..... Oh boy, I sound ungrateful when I'm really not, it's been great that they can watch him, I mean otherwise we wouldn't have been able to do it, there is no daycare open on 2nd shift so I mean we need them, BUT jeez ..lighten up.

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Marcia said...

Ok sweety here's Mom M putting in her 2 cents (again)! As much as it makes you crazy, just tell yourself how great it is that they love him so much and take such good care of him when you can't be there. I know I'm thankful for that! I know you are too and no matter how what your mom says sounds, I'm sure she knows what good parents you two are. Love you!
Love, Mom