Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet the Robinsons & Bernie Mac

What do the two things in the title of this post have in common? Well we (my godmother, Aidan and I) went to see the movie "Meet The Robinsons" at the Marcus cinema in Orland Park and while we were in line to get our popcorn and snacks guess who was in front of us!?! That's right Bernie Mac! I would neverhave realized it if he hadn't spoken to me first! I was scolding Aidan for stepping away from me (I mean, hello we were in a crowded place!). Any-who, I told him "don't you ever do that again, you stay next to me!" and Bernie Mac said and I quote"now that's a good mama". and I glanced up and sort of did a double take, said thanks and then he said "well it's true". He was so nice! Very down to earth. My god-mother didn't realize who it was , so when we were sitting down to watch the movie I asked her if she realized who was in front of us and she said "who" and I told her and she was like I thought he look familar. When were getting ready to leave she saw him again and asked him if he was really Bernie Mac? (lol) and he very nicely turned around a said "yes ma'am I am". Such a bizarre small world!

So the movie was awesome! This was Aidan's first time going to a theater. He was SO SO SO good! I was really impressed. He thought the movie was really funny, but the seats apparrantly made the biggest impression! He pulled it down turned around to sit and right back up it wenr, LOL he didn't know what to make of that a first, so I held it down so he could climb up. He was so cute, I kept glancing over and was just watching intently and munching away on his popcorn (he ate the whole kiddie sized serving). It was an awesome evening, will definitely be buying this one when it comes out on DVD. "2 enthusiastic thumbs up"!

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Anonymous said...

Now how come nothing kewl like that happens to me...although, truth be told, I'd much rather look up to find George Clooney or Johnny Depp.