Friday, April 20, 2007

Past due

I realize that people have been blogging and commenting on the tragedy that occurred on Monday at Virginia Tech. I was avoiding doing so. I felt that anything I could possibly have to say would be redundant, or wouldn't be profound enough to do justice to the 32 lives that were taken. I realize that I'm wrong. I'm not even afraid to say that. I'm wrong. I have to admit that I have been avoiding TV more then usual, and I've avoided the headlines as well. I am without a doubt a coward. If I don't see it, it didn't happen right? If I can just focus on something else this will not effect me, right? Wrong! It effects me. Did I know anyone who attends or attended the school? No. Do I grieve for the families that lost someone? Hell yes! How does this effect me? It makes me eternally grateful for the fact that my husband attends university online. It makes me worry about the prospect of Aidan going out into the world to attend school. (it puts another drop in the bucket for the possibility of home schooling Aidan) It reminds me that this could happen anywhere! Just last week there was something on the news about a gun making it's way into an area high school. The school has metal detectors at every entrance. That didn't stop two high schoolers from being injured. I have to say that I am horrified by what happened at Virginia Tech. I am astounded that this happened in yet another school! I am confused as to how mankind can continue to slaughter each other.
I feel as though the world as a whole has been robbed of a great deal of potential. The butterfly effect is something I have recently become aware of, and something that I think is very relevant. Simply put, something that happens today can have a large effect on tomorrow. All those lives lost, in my mind, had an infinite amount of potential that will now never be realized. What if one of the 32 (or one of their would have been descendants) that died Monday would have been the next great scientist? Artist? Humanitarian? Inventor? World Leader? All that potential snuffed out by one madman. When I say madman, I am not basing that on anything read in newspapers or seen on TV. I am basing that on my belief that you would have to be crazed to go and commit such a HORRIBLE act of violence against mankind.

I can't say anything more them this: My heart and prayers go out to the families of the victims. I only hope that they are eventually able to find peace.

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It's a sad world in which we live.